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Level 2 Literacy and Numeracy

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by tortuman, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. tortuman

    tortuman New commenter

    I have QTS and I have done some work in FE in the past, although at the moment I am working in a secondary setting.
    In my school we are putting our students through the L1-2 ALAN tests. I was wondering if it would be worth for me to sit the level 2 tests to get the qualification. The reason being, I studied abroad. Although I did English at university I didn't do it at GCSE or A level, and although I did Maths up to A level standards I didn't do it in England so I don't have an English Numeracy qualification.
    Somebody working in an FE setting told me that FE teachers will need to have at least GCSE English and Maths. As I am sure my school will pay for the tests, should I take the Level 2 which apparently is equivalent of a B at GCSE? It's really in case I decide to go back into FE.

  2. I tend to think it is always worth getting a qualification! If you are planning to return to FE you may find the application form will ask you what "Skills for Life" literacy and numeracy qualifications you hold and the ALAN tests retain their currency.
    Numeracy isn't the same as Maths so this way you'd have the best of both [​IMG]
  3. The L2 ALAN tests would be useful if you were returning to FE work.
    However they are not equivalent to a B at GCSE (this seems to be a myth circulating in some schools). They are the standard of a grade C GCSE but do not cover the full GCSE syllabus in either English or Maths.

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