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level 2 diploma in laboratory science

Discussion in 'Science' started by scienceteacher1986, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. scienceteacher1986

    scienceteacher1986 New commenter

    Hi, I’m teaching this course next year and have to teach unit 4 which is all about setting up and clearing down labs. As we have technicians in school to do this and the students won’t be able to access the prep room apart from a week of work experience that they will be doing later in the year, I’m a bit stumped as to how to teach the unit. Does anyone have any resources that they could share?
  2. Hellfyre

    Hellfyre New commenter

    Have you asked the technicians if the students could do anything?
  3. scienceteacher1986

    scienceteacher1986 New commenter

    Yes, they have said the students can somebwork experience in the prep room and each student will have responsibility for a lab- make no sure it is stocked with full sets of Bunsens etc.. but I’m at a loss with what do do in the actual lessons...

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