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letters & sounds

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by clemlily, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. clemlily

    clemlily New commenter

    Hello. I'm hoping for some ideas from experienced people! My nursery children (the older ones) just love phonics, learning new sounds and hunting around the classroom for them. They just can't get enough! Aside from focused activities and writing provision within all the areas which we do anyway, does anyone have any experience of fun things to send home for children to share/do with parents?? I've set a few mini-challenges such as 'Can you find 3 objects in the kitchen beginning with S and draw them',which they loved. But now I'm a bit stuck. We should definitely be sharing with and including parents but don't want them to think it's strictly speaking - homework! Thanks in advance.
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    You could explain that some parents have asked for suggestions of phonics/writing games they can play at home to support their children, and so you thought you'd send the information to everyone in case they find it useful. That way it doesn't look like homework but is a way to include parents. (And you can say parents have asked, even if they haven't - no-one is going to check who asked!)

    As well as listening for initial sounds, you could vary things by sometimes hunting for things that end with a particular sound.

    Ideas for practising correct letter formation often go down well. Parents may think it has to be pencil and paper, but there is also:

    - felt tip pens, paint, crayons, chalk

    - put the paper in different places: on the wall, stuck underneath the table and child lies underneath

    - cover a shallow tray with sand/salt/flour/shaving foam/paint and let child write the letter

    - 'rainbow letters' (an outline of the letter, like a bubble letter, inside which the child writes the letter over and over again in different colours)

    - adult writes the letter in chalk (on chalkboard or onto the pavement) and child uses a brush dipped in water to go over the letter, rubbing it out (they love this!)

    I Spy is an excellent game and very easy to play; worth suggesting, as parents may not think of it.

    You could make up some open-ended games, like "Choose a sound, choose a room in your house, roll a dice, and see if you can find that number of things in the room that begin with the sound you've chosen. If you want to, make a list/draw the things/take photos. We are always interested to see what you've been doing at home!" That way you're giving people ideas but without pressure to achieve a certain outcome by a certain date.
  3. clemlily

    clemlily New commenter

    Hi Kartoshka

    Thank you for your ideas, I love the last one and I'm going to do the rainbow letters in the morning with my older girls......I think the more you practise the formation incorrectly the more likelihood it will stick and vice versa too of course! Thank you again, lovely ideas x

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