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Letters and Sounds playgroup activity I spy....someone whose name begins with

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Hettys, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hettys

    Hettys New commenter

    We have been playing this game with our older playgroup children and have had some discussion about how to sound out the beginning sound of some of our children's names. E.g Charlotte...... her name begins with C which she recognises but the first phoneme of her name is SH so should we say i spy with my little eye someone whose name begins with "sh" or"C" Similarly Freya begins with F but the first phoneme of her name is FR. I could go on....Archie, Amy, etc help!!
  2. Unless you are looking at it written down which im assuming you're not then you use the sound (is this a phase 1 activity?) so yes charlotte starts with a /sh/.Archie with /ar/ and Amy with /a/ - as in ai. Just as George in my class starts with /j/
    But Freya starts with /f/ not fr - you can hear the two phonemes when you say 'fr' therefore they are both single sounds (phonemes). F-r-ey-a.
  3. Hettys

    Hettys New commenter

    Yes it is a phase 1 activity. Thanks for that, yes I wasn't sure about Freya.

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