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letters and sounds phase 1 progression?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by strawberrytrifle1, May 10, 2011.

  1. Can anyone answer my question please.
    There are 7 aspects within phase 1 of letters and sounds. Do they follow sequentially ie should the children cover environmental sounds before rhythm and rhyme, alliteration etc.....
    My nursery is telling me this is not the case but to me it seems impossible for children to learn alliteration if they cannot listen and tune in..
    Many Thanks
  2. Hi.
    I went on a letters and sounds course last year and the advice we were given was to teach more or less in the order of Aspects listed , apart from Aspect 5 Alliteration, which they advised us to leave until last. However, we were also advised to 'dip into' and revisit Aspects throughout the year when/where the need arose.
    I have slightly covered Aspect 5 with my Nursery and I am now on Aspect 7. I endeavor to revisit Aspect 5 with some of my children before the end of term.
    Hope that helps. [​IMG]


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