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Letters and Sounds - Phase 1 planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lolls, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. done, have a good xmas
  2. I'm starting a new job in Jan. in the nursery, please, please could you send me your stage1, 2, &3 plans i would be very grateful!!!

    thanks and "Merry Christmas!"
  3. done, have a good xmas
  4. Hi cazH,
    could I have a sample of your planning for letters and sounds Phase 1 please.
    Happy New year, be safe and happy
  5. Please could you send me a copy of your planning too


    Many thanks and hope you're having a lovely holiday.

  6. Hi, Could I have a copy too? Thanks
  7. CazH

    Looks like you've been emailing planning for months! However, I would like to join in and have a peak at it too for Phase 1, is that OK?
    My email is:

    Thanks :)
  8. could i please have a copy of your planning? thanks !
  9. done
  10. Hi cazH

    I too am in the same boat as the others and would love to have a copy of phase 1 planning.
    My email address is claire.barker@yahoo.co.uk
    Much appreciated!!! Thank you
  11. Hi could I have a copy of your planning too? I'm just planning for my spring term

    Thank you
  12. Email is helenob77@hotmail.com
  13. Hi CazH, would it be possible to re - send me your planning, only i haven't received it when you sent it last time.Thanks a lot


  14. done
  15. Hello cazH.
    Please could you send me your Letters and Sounds Phase 1 planning - would be really grateful!
    Thanks so much.
  16. Hi please could I have a copy
    thanks so much shootingstarXXxx@aol.com
  17. hi there cazH.
    your planning sounds interesting. Would like to compare it with what i am currently doing for Phase 1 in FS1 Could i have a copy please? thanks so much for sharing with everyone - very generous of you. quackersjanet@aol.com
  18. mrstax

    mrstax New commenter

    likewise, I am in my first week of teaching nursery and need to work this out. Thanks alot

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