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Letters and Sounds - Phase 1 planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lolls, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Rubies

    Rubies New commenter

    I hope its not too late to ask for a copy too? I am new to foundation and would be most grateful if you could email me a copy please to: rubies18@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks

  2. NellySparks

    NellySparks New commenter

    Hi, I would be interested in seeing a copy too if that is ok.
  3. done
  4. Hi there
    I feel bad since you have so many replies to your message, I am a trainee teacher and need to start planning on collections of sounds for nursery.
    If you think I will find it useful I would appreciate you sending me an email :)
    My email is rachelaamos@hotmail.co.uk - thank you and if you need firework resources let me know as I have plenty!!
  5. Hi I'm in Reception but saw this n know our Nursery teacher is trying to decide how to cover letters and sounds so would it be possible to have copy of your LS planning to show how u start it of n how it progresses over the term n ends up in Summer term, I think we need to be doing more in Nursery by Summer ready for Reception so am slightly biased but would be interested to see how others do it though we do have very low attainment levels on entry to N. Thanks Deb ( deborah.buxton@btinternet.com)
  6. Hi cazH,
    I'm also new to Nursery and would be very grateful if you could send me your phonic plans.
    Many thanks
    C xx
  7. Hi cazH,
    I am currently teaching phase 1 to reception students in a billingual education systyem. Overall there are students taking much longer understanding the sounds and letters in phase 1. I would muchly appreciate it if you could email me a copy of your sample planning lessons to my email.

  8. Please can I have an example of phase 1, 2 and 3 planning for letters and sounds.
    Thanks a million

  9. Hi cazH, any chance I could have a copy too? I am really struggling with figuring out what to do in letters and sounds.
  10. I would love a sample of your planning please as I'm struggling to teach my Nursery children Letters and sounds. We have lots of EAL children who speak very little English. Many Thanks!
  11. done. Alison, can you give me your email
  12. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

  13. Hi could you send me a copy of phase 1, 2 , 3 planning and any other ideas please .
    Much appreciated

  14. skool23, I've tried to send you the planning but delivery failed
  15. Please could you send me a copy, i am also new to phase 1, my email is claire.marv@talktalk.net, much appreciated..
  16. Hiya,
    Please also send me a copy of the plans for phase 1 and 2. Thank u in advance :)
  17. I would also love a sample of your planning if you have time over the Christmas Holidays
    Many thanks

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