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Letters and Sounds - Phase 1 planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by lolls, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. done
  2. Hi cazH,

    Please could you send me a copy of your planning. Im new to letters and sounds, it would be great to have an example.


  3. Done. We introduced letters and sounds 2 yrs ago and it's had such an amazing impact - so if you want to talk about it just let me know
  4. Hi cazH,
    Could you also send me a copy of our planning for Phase 1, I am an NQT and could do with all the help I can get. :) Thanks you are star! My email add is: JoAslam@hotmail.co.uk
    Jo :)
  5. notascientist!

    notascientist! New commenter

    Hi, I am a teacher new to Nursery and would be very interested in looking at your plans for Phase 1 Letters and Sounds as I feel pure phonics is too much for our children at the moment!
    Many thanks

  6. Hi would you be able to send me a sample of your planning. Thanks

  7. done. Sian, can you post your email address
  8. Please may I have a copy of all your planning too? I teach Reception so have looked a little at Phase 1 but would like to crack on with Phase 2 a bit more! :)

    sonicwaffle @ hotmail . co . uk
    Thank you!
  9. Hi CahZ
    Please can you send me a copy of your planning? me email's ellakema@yahoo.com.

    Thanks a lot,
  10. done
  11. Hi there,
    I am an NQT in nursery and would be grateful to see how to plan for phase 1 if you wouldn't mind emailing any plans.

    Thanks very much for your help in advance.

  12. done
  13. Please can i also have a copy of your planning for Phase One. I teach in a school where we have 60% SEN. and would appreciate different ideas and plans
  14. Please could you send me your Phase 1, 2 and 3 planning? Thank you!
    My e-mail:
  15. done. Triciaann can you give me your email address
  16. Hi there,

    I am an NQT and would be grateful to see how to plan for phase 1 if you wouldn't mind emailing any plans


    Many Thanks
  17. done
  18. I bet you're fed up with this, but can I have a copy too please?
    You should sell it, it's going like hot cakes! [​IMG]

    thank you x
  19. Done. Just hope they're useful
  20. Hi CazH
    I am in Nursery with very high SEN and would love to see a copy of your planning.
    My e mail is amy2802@hotmail.com


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