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Letter to PP parents offering free instrumental tuition

Discussion in 'Music' started by Emistar86, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Emistar86

    Emistar86 New commenter


    My school have given me a day a week to work with pupil premium where I was thinking of offering them free instrumental lessons in small groups. Firstly, I need to send a letter to the parents to offer this; any suggestions of how to word it, also, if there's anything else that would be better for pupil premium children I'm up for suggestions! I am a music teacher so music related please!

    Thank you in advance,
  2. muso2

    muso2 Occasional commenter Community helper

    Are you working in a primary or secondary setting, and what instrument(s) are you proposing to teach? Or are you involving other peri teachers?
  3. Emistar86

    Emistar86 New commenter

    Secondary; I would actually like to involve local feeder schools somehow too though.

    I am going to teach them myself, I used to be a peri before getting into classroom so I've taught a multitude of instruments! In terms of what we've got in school may determine differently though, we have ukulele, guitar, keyboard, clarinet, flute, some rusty looking cornets, trumpets and trombones, violin, cello and bass. They won't be able to take them home though as they're not all in high quantity plus I'll need them in class lessons.

  4. HMLDN36

    HMLDN36 New commenter

    Hi Emily,

    We offered free instrumental lessons to PP students this year which on reflection seems to have been pretty successful as it allowed several students the opportunity to learn an instrument who otherwise wouldn't have been able to. I would say however that we didn't offer instrumental lessons only to PP students but to all students across the school so the PP students who enrolled came forward because they were interested in learning an instrument. If you want to have a look at our letter which outlines the offering for both PP and non-PP let me know.
  5. muso2

    muso2 Occasional commenter Community helper

    This has some great possibilities, and shows support from your SLT for music, which is heartening. Also, I take my hat off to you for playing so many instruments!
    In my experience, whilst PPF can open up opportunities for students who are really keen on music and otherwise couldn't afford to have lessons, that doesn't mean they all want it. Have you/the school thought about the objective? I've done similar with just GCSE students to support performance, and students were mostly motivated because of the course they had chosen. This is probably where I'd focus my attention, plus maybe year 9s who might choose music as an option. Or would it be about creating band groups in KS3? Do you have specific pupils in mind or will it be a blanket invitation to students with PPF? Are your usual instrumental lessons in school free for PPF or subsidised or the same rate for everyone?
    (Sorry I keep asking questions not giving ideas).
    I wonder whether a trip to a concert or a workshop with outside visitors might be a good way to kick-start it, then students/parents could decide after that whether they want to commit to the instrumental lessons.
    In terms of a letter, I'd frame it that the child has been selected for the opportunity of a term's music tuition because of their interest in music (assuming that's true), and it will be funded because they are on PP. Then I'd set out details and what was expected from them to succeed. Presumably you can offer facilities for them to practise in school if they can't take instruments home. And run the letter by your line manager.

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