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Letter to governors from primary teacher

Discussion in 'Governors' started by harsh-but-fair, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Address your letter to either the Chair of Governors or the Clerk to the Governors. Just write out the situation as you have above and emphasise that it is a bit of a 'one in a lifetime' opportunity and that you understand that you won't (and don't expect) to be paid.

    You could also make the point that you are asking well in advance so that the HT will have plenty of time to make alternative arrangements and if you are feeling generous you could also say that you will be making sure that you will be leaving lesson plans etc, so that the normal classroom routine will not be disturbed etc.
  2. Sorry. What's it got to do with governors?
    This is an operational matter, therefore the responsibility of the HT. Maybe he/she is ducking the issue?
  3. Can you ask your friend to change the date?
    You could have the rehearsal before you arrive in Crete.
    Find out what the written policy of your Local authority is on "Leave" or alternatively, phone up the Teachers Salaries section in your LA and ask for their advice. They should have seen all the paperwork on other such successful applications, so if you ask them nicely and politely, they could give you honest advice.
  4. That seems a bit harsh! She is already going to be without pay for a week, could end up being an extremely expensive wedding!
  5. The key is surely the content of the school's 'special leave' policy. The school may have adopted one, provided by the LEA and which is more generous than that provided in national conditions. A scrupulously fair headteacher could make the decision. But if it is not covered by the policy, then using the governors could be the best way. There can be claims of bullying or of favouritism if every member of staff is not treated the same with regard to special leave. My experience is of examples of favouritism - x gets time off without question, e.g. for a funeral when a neighbour dies; y is told it's not a bereavement of a blood relative as listed in the policy and is refused.
  6. What a cheek!!!! The whole point of taking time off without pay is so that your pay can be used to pay who ever covers you, most likely an HLTA or a cover supervisor in this current climate as actually bringing in supply is unheard of in my school, we have to manage...if the governors wanted me to pay for someone to do my job while I was on unpaid leave I'd be looking for a new job pretty damn quick, I wonder if they'd do the same if it were them who wanted to jet off, no I don't think so either

    rant over
  7. I dont see why you think its a cheek really. Teachers take a job knowing theres fixed hols and long ones at that. To ask for week term time is big ask and if kids and school budget should lose out because of it either gov say no or maybe person asking makes sure those arent issues by addressing them.
    As to gov taking holiday they are volunteers so think this should be ok!
  8. linre

    linre New commenter

    I had this problem when my brother got married a couple of years ago in America. After a lot of discussion he agreed to have the wedding on the thursday before half term meaning I could fly out on the weds with my own family. Most of the other guests had already been there over a week when we arrived (making most of non-term time hol prices!) and they then left the day after the wedding, whereas we stayed for another 8 days to enjoy the sunshine! This meant that I only needed 3 days off work and I asked the head. She said she couldn't see a problem but I neede to write to the governors. The governors were fine and authorised the absence.

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