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letter of complaint from parent

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by bnm, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. bnm


    I would investigate (by speaking to teacher and looking at book) and then reply by letter to the parent if the complaint is unfounded.
    If investigation shows cause for concern I would meet with parent, thank them for the letter and assure them the matter is being dealt with. Matter closed so far as parent is concerned. I would then follow usual procedures for ensuring teachers meet expected standards.
  2. thanks for reply, we were having a long debate in school about involving HOD and maybe HOY. So many people to think about. I think too that the person who receives the letter should deal with the complaint.
  3. weezadance1

    weezadance1 New commenter

    I agree with the points that suggest passing the complaint on to the right person - I believe that person is HOD if the complaint is about one subject teacher.
    I would acknowledge the letter - probably by 'phone call and thank the parent for bringing the matter to my attention and then tell them I am passing it on to HOD.
    I would speak to HOD and ask them to make contact with the parent also.
    I would then pass the letter to HOY for the file with a note explaining what I'd done.
  4. Thanks everybody...will let you know what the next conversation is in the staffroom!

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