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Lets dance for Comic Relief

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. NF has been my fave so far

    I thought the MJ impression was good but found her VT really odd
  2. And Keith Lemon has to be the MOST irritating person in the world
  3. How come Keith Lemon doesn't get abbreviated ?
  4. cos he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying [​IMG]
  5. Now I like the Tap too

    They are all better than last week's
  6. or


    Thanks for playing anyway ... no other interest in my thread [​IMG]
  7. I thought Lulu was brilliant - so funny!
    The tap boys were very good (proper dancing, innit?!) but I'd like to have seen Noel and Lulu go through.
    Glad thingy Christmas didn't go through - I found his performance quite disturbing!

  8. Only saw Noel Fielding, but he was marvellous. Go Noel!
  9. Glad Noel went through

    I did think the Tap was good but not as funny

    I agree that Christmas bloke ... not my cup of tea
  10. Why do you think this competition is regularly won by men dressed as women?
    I wonder what that says about the British sense of humour!
    (I'd put money on that bloke who did Beyonce winning)
  11. I thought the beyonce one was too similar to last year's cheryl

    We all love a bit of drag ... Noel may well be too pretty to take the drag crown
  12. Lol!
    His face when he got the message from Kate was a picture!
  13. Of course the obverse seems to be true too

    I am not a Katie Price fan but her Freddie last week was very good
  14. He struggles to hide what a sweetie he is
  15. I found the camera work this evening really annoying! They kept on taking the camera right back so you couldn't see the person dancing and it just seemed not to focus on what was happening...................or was it just me?!
  16. That seems to be standard BBC camera work when dancing is on. The camera work during SCD drives me mad - they never show the footwork!
    I'm sure the Beeb were better at showing the dancing properly in the Come Dancing era.
  17. Pan the audience and/or the panel ... surely that is what we want to see [​IMG]
  18. It was very like Freddie, but I didn't think it showed much dancing - just her standing about posing!
    I thought the enhanced boobs were comedy gold though!
  19. I loved Katie Price last week!

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