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Lesson Plans created by Teachers for KS2 Geography/History - Rainforest

Discussion in 'Geography' started by dianeelizdavies, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. dianeelizdavies

    dianeelizdavies New commenter

    Following on from another successful CPD Trip to Guatemala with Dr Diane Davies, Maya Archaeologist, teachers have created additional KS2 lesson plans, teacher notes, slides, images and videos on the rainforest, what an archaeologist does, Maya cities and architecture, Maya arts and crafts and more.

    These resources are unique in actually being written by both a specialist on the rainforest and the Maya and primary school teachers who have spent time in the area.

    It is being made freely available to support educators in teaching history, geography or the ancient Maya.

    Click here to access and download the resources. These can be downloaded for free at www.mayaarchaeologist.co.uk.

    Please share this with other teachers.

    Other resources, such as videos of Diane Davies’s explorations and excavations in the Central American rainforest will be uploaded soon. For a taster - click here

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