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Lesson Plan help please

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by Berkshire_ICT, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. I need some help with a lesson plan for an observed lesson.
    The lesson being observed is a year 11 coursework hand in lesson. I need to show independent learning and progress.

    I have worked out how to do this in that all the work has already been handed in and I have marked it....I did this a month ago too and will give the pupils both grades to show how they have progressed.
    The activity for independent learning is they have to look at the mark grid and work out which area they need to improve in the lesson to gain good marks.

    Now my question.....
    If my starter is the independent learning activity and the main is the improvements, what can i do for a plenary?

    Or do I get them to think about which areas they *think* they need to improve as the starter and then give out the grades and then the main activities are the planning and improving?

    This is also on the last day of term.

  2. You have a couple of ideas there, let me throw some extra bits and then structure it:
    Ok, now to the lesson observation criteria...

    Do all pupils acquire knowledge, develop understanding and learn/practice new skills exceptionally well - hope so!
    Do they demonstrate excellent concentration and are rarely off task. Improvements in learning are exceptional - That one's up to you!
    Is progress at least good for different groups and exemplar for some - Spend some time with the lower-ability pupils to reaffirm their improvements / write them down for them and challenge the G&T pupil's assumptions on improvements (which will inevitably be less than you'd want!)
    Is teaching highly effective? - Depends on the results of the discussion
    Excellent subject knowledge is applied consistently - Here you're going to have to make sure the improvements link back to the exam criteria
    Marking and Dialogue between pupils is consistently high quality - Again, depends how deeply you dig wtih the improvements
    Monitoring pupils systematically - Hope so.

    Well, should do it. Tough lesson to pull it off though as you're relying on pupil input and engaging with the marking you've done, rather than learning a new skill or subject.
  3. Thank you ever so much. That was a big help.
    My main concern is that the kids will want to get straight in to make improvements
    as it is the last chance to do so.
    If I may the first couple of activities short then should be ok

    Thanks again

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