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Lesson Observation

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by nooby182, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. nooby182

    nooby182 New commenter


    I have taught nursery for the past 3 years and have just started in a small reception class. The headteacher has told me this week that she will be observing me teaching a group writing task in 2 weeks time. We have just started phase 2 phonics this week and the children are making good progress however there is a big difference between the top of the class (beginning to write words) and the bottom (still struggling to recognise or write any sounds at all including those in their name). I am sure by the time I get to the observation however the children will have made even more progress. I am unsure what to do as a lesson as i want to show that I am catering for all the children's needs. I was thinking about creating a hungry caterpillar shopping list or a class book. My headteacher says she would like to see small groups (3-4 children) grouped by their ability. I've ended up getting myself completely muddled over the whole thing. Any help welcome particularly any advice as to what people do in their own settings at this point in the year. Do you work in groups this early on? Or do you wait till later in the year? Those people who do start straight off - what sort of activities would you suggest?

  2. doctorinthetardis

    doctorinthetardis New commenter

    Could you do carousels? Have out a range of phonics/ fine motor based activities and you work with one group? I do carousels with a large class of 30 - each group does one activity a day and over the 5 days complete the carousel (this is after a sound input each day - whole class). At this stage in the year I have lots of children who need to work on fine motor skills so I have things out like playdough with scissors/ weaving/ painting with fine brushes etc as well as a group on the carpet with me who do 'big writing' on large paper with big chunky pens.
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  3. nooby182

    nooby182 New commenter

    Thanks that sounds good. Will def take that on board. At the moment we teach phonics in the afternoon after lunch but if I was to teach it in the morning this would be a good starting point. x
  4. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Yes, we do focus groups in the afternoon. Some children work in a group with me, others with my TA, and others access continuous provision independently. The groups are not necessarily doing the same activity - I might be doing something with a literacy focus while the TA might be doing something creative. Usually over the week I will work with all children with the same focus, but differentiated activities; so for a maths focus activity, on Monday I might be doing ordering numbers to 6 with one group, on Tuesday and Wednesday I might do to 10 with two other groups, and on Thursday to 20 with the higher ability children. For some activities it's more appropriate to work in mixed ability groups.

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