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Lesson observation

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by jolene_johnson, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I am hoping someone an help!

    I have a job interview on Monday and have been asked to teach mixed year 3/4 class word problems - HELP!!!
    I am thinking to possibly make it interactive and have problems like this jug holds 1litre, these cups hold 10ml how many cups an i fill, get the chn to work it out first then actually test it!

    Or possibly have some stamps, water, crisps and ask how muh altogether then extend by asking how much change?
    Does this seem ok?

    Any other ideas would be greatly welcomed!! Am also finding it hard to think of a 2 minute starter with a group of chn whose abilities i have no idea of!!

    Thank you
  2. It's a bit late now but it would have been reasonable for you to ask for this information when they gave you the task (along with asking whether there would be any TA's working in the class; for a seating plan; any students with SEN; G&T etc.)

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