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Lesson Observation

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by shopkins, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am being observed next Thursday teaching Year 10. We are coming to the end of the work we are doing on the role of the Pope, Conclave, Apostolic succession etc. The next bit of the course is Bishops - I could skip and look at other sources of authority in the Catholic church, or go onto something completely different. My other choices are Nature of God, Existance of God (Cosmological argument), Good and Evil or Beliefs about Mary in the Church. My head is fried with this now. I want to do a wow lesson, but would like some inspiration. If anyone has any ideas I would be eternally grateful! Thanks
  2. jerseyperson

    jerseyperson New commenter

    Hi there. Dunno what course/spec you're doing. Could there be a place for a lesson on the role of women in the Church leadership? We had a debate where students were divided into teams randomly to argue their point (mixed girls & boys in each) using various stimuli like articles, passages from the Bible, case studies, and then argued whether tradition and change are mutually exclusive.
  3. Cosmological argument has some good stuff for WOW lessons like dominoes and some great visual stuff you can do. Pupils can get up and about as well to show cause and effect.

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