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Lesson observation-Royal wedding year 1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by midget_gem74, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Hi I've got a lesson observation for an interview on the afternoon before the royal wedding. I've just been told that I can teach what I like so being the day before the royal wedding I thought I'd do something around the event. I've been advised by a teacher at the school to do a Literacy lesson. I've got a few ideas and just wanted some advice/feedback as I can't decide.
    1. Do some literacy/pshe about feelings. When have the children been excited/ looked forward to something? LA write key words/draw a picture. MA write sentences about it and HA do the same but use words such as because etc Finish with some hot seating/ drama of the children being Kate and Will and asking how they feel.
    2. Literacy about lists. Start with talking about different laws and get the chn imagine if they were king or quenn for a day which laws would they introduce. hotseat two chn and give them a crown, cloak etc and ask them there laws while i scribe and point out to the chn how to set out the work. Chn then go and write their laws. I can't decide how I'd differentiate this though I like the hotseating at the start.
    3. The children will be having a Dand T week so maybe some instruction work. Maybe discuss how people celebrate the royal wedding with street parties, look at photos of past street parties. Tell the chn we are going to have out street party but I din't have time to make fruit kebab or sandwiches? I show chn how to make a kebab, make a list of what makes good instuctions. LA chn sequence photos of how to make a kebab and then make one. MA write instuctions maybe with photos to help and then make their kebabs and HA write instructions and make their kebabs. Plenary talk about how clear their instuctions were to follow, why instructions need to be clear, did they match our list etc. can then eat the kebabs in our own little street party.
    4. Question and answers. What would they like to ask kate/ will/ the queen. Go through what we need for a good question. Children then write thier questions. then for the plenary I act in role as one of the people or a child does and they ask their questions.
    I'm doing the lesson at a school where I do supply (the deputy from the school the job I'm at is coming to watch) so I do have an idea what level the children at. I'm being observed for around 30mins/45mins. Any of these lessons stand out? or should I try and think down another line.... any comments appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi there,
    How about a completely different idea and do maths, something along the lines of planning the wedding meal, give them different prices at different shops and get them to work out the cost of the meal/where to get the cheapest? Easily differentiated by using easier/more difficult sums of money?
    It sounds like you've got some really good ideas. Make sure that the observer sees progress in the lesson.
    Good Luck!
    B x
  3. Hi
    I like idea number 2, but i would maybe introduce the lesson by giving them a list of some of those old bizare laws that still exist mixed in with some made up ones. They could read these in mixed ability pairs or as whole class shared reading and decide which are true or false. Then hotseat in role of wills or kate to finish, reading out their list...wearing a crown or tiara of course!

    Depends on year group and lesson length
  4. Sorry, have now read your post properly and know yr group and length. Historical laws may be a bit much for Y1!!

    Anyway, your ideas sound fab, good luck x
  5. obviously i check my spelling and grammar for applications etc but seeing as I'm not being marked on the forum I don't bother. I say in my post its for Year 1 but they're good ideas for upper ks2.
    I ended up doing the instructions one as I could differentiate it easily. the LO was for la to recongise and sequence instruction words, ma to write clear instructions, ha to write clear instructions and recongise bossy verbs. lesson went well, over ran a bit but all the children enjoyed and there were no disasters. feedback from the lesson straight away was that the head had had a lovely afternoon. after the interview she told me it was good with outstanding features. I had 4 adults in the room, including myself (thats just how it is on that day, i didnt get anyone extra in) so she said thats why it wasn't outstanding, but i had obviously prepared them well for the lesson and they were using questions well etc. she was impressed that a supply teacher had gone to so much effort (not sure what this says about her opinon of supply teachers). in the end everything else went well but there were 2 internal candidates so the jobs went to them. she did give detailed feedback though which was more helpful then "you were good but we chose someone with more experience". thanks for everyones help!

    p.s. I'll put all my resources up on here seeing as spent so long making them other people should get some use from them!
  6. ignore the top bit that was for another post!

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