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Lesson observation gradings

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by adelious88, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. I recently had my school lesson observation with my phase leader and deputy head observing me. They used ofsted proforma sheets with all 4 gradings listed on and wrote down/ highlighted in the relevant boxes. When I had my feedback I was shown the sheets and it was pointed out that the majority of what I was doing was in the good section. However I was given an overall grade of requires improvement. I was told that because I had one or two things that dipped down into the requires improvement area this was all they could give me for my lesson. I've tried to find the ofsted guidance online, which is proving impossible as they no longer grade individual lessons. I just wanted to know whether this was accurate as I would have thought it should be a best for judgement for the overall lesson. Any comments or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    OFSTED guidance does indeed state that inspectors are not to grade individual lessons. However, I have been told by someone training to be an inspector that they DO grade lessons but just don't write it down or tell the teachers the grade - this is to prevent SLTs going round and adding up lesson scores to argue with OFSTED in the event of a less than good outcome. So schools are still using lesson grades as part of their PM. Also, no matter how many things you have in the good box, there are things that are "limiting factors" that will bring your grade down even if only one thing is RI - things such as behaviour and safety and student progress. So yes, they can give you RI in these circumstances.
  3. Malaguena

    Malaguena New commenter

    Anyway, the gratdings they use ARE still available, they will be under the Teaching descriptors for inspections.
  4. finamar

    finamar New commenter

    This is what OFSTED say (but remember this is for whole school and not individual lessons):

    Requires improvement (3)

    ? The school requires improvement because one or more of the four key judgements requires improvement (grade 3) and/or there are weaknesses in the overall provision for pupils? spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

    Inadequate (4)

    The school is likely to be inadequate if inspectors judge any of the following to be inadequate:

    ? the achievement of pupils

    ? pupils? progress in literacy

    ? the quality of teaching

    ? the behaviour and safety of pupils

    ? the quality of the leadership in and management of the school


    ? there are serious weaknesses in the overall promotion of pupils? spiritual, moral, social and cultural development or their physical well-being, so that pupils are intolerant of others and/or reject any of the core values fundamental to life in modern Britain.

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