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Lesson observation for myths and Legends

Discussion in 'Primary' started by BlueHue, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Not sure if this is too late but I am Year 3 and was observed today whilst delivering a lesson on Myths and Legends. I got an outstanding so it did go well! I spent 3 lessons building up to the children writng about a setting for their Quest Myth today. I'm happy to share details if that would be of any interest.
  2. mimgrif

    mimgrif New commenter

    Hi Claire,
    It's not too late at all any advice would be really appreciated

  3. I did a great (and rather accidental) unit on myths and legends last year. I agree on the difficulty of defining myths and legends and went instead for the 'creation' myth approach e.g. where does rain come from? where do rainbows come from? We agreed on basic principles of the possibility of gods, monsters but the important focus came from the explanation of a natural phenomenon. They often ended up with arguments between gods, but well focused, they produced good stories. We ended up making plastecine figures and backgrounds, then recording the stories and it all got put together on windows movie maker. Not helpful for your observation perhaps but I found that approach to the stories infinitely more approachable.
  4. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Do a search on this area for myths and legends...several folk have asked and been helped.
  5. Would you like me to email you my lesson plan mimgrif? The LI was 'To understand how powerful language makes our writing more effective' with the focus being on the children describing one of the settings their hero/heroine would be in.
    This was in week 3 of the unit after the first 2 weeks of exploration of myths and legends, analysing texts and identifying key elements etc. The children had made notes on their own ideas for a hero, object and monster with lots of opportunities for drama, S&L.
    Leading up to last week's observation they created Quest Myth Maps with 3 settings for the hero's journey and then identified a possible peril for each setting. We went outside to use our senses for descriibing what was above us, in the distance.....They mind mapped one setting which they felt they could best describe and worked with a 'marking buddy' to up-level ideas. Emphasis was on how the setting for a myth should be awe inspiring and dramatic and by the day of the ob they were raring to go and achieved some really high level writing which was pleasing because it was the exact lesson I would have been planning to teach on that day rather than a 'show case' lesson!
    Does this sound muddled? Sorry, it has been a very long day!!
  6. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

    Hope it's not too late for you but I've posted all of my resources and planning for you in the resource area.

    I'd put up a link, but it says it takes up to 60 minutes for the resource to appear.

    I've called it 'Fantastical Beasts'. It should be under Primary > English

    Hope it is useful. I've also put in my individual lesson plan for my observation tomorrow!

    The weekly plan links to the Collins SOW.

  7. mimgrif

    mimgrif New commenter

    A big thanks to everyone for all your help and ideas. I really appreciate it.

    Fingers crossed

  8. manic28

    manic28 New commenter

  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    If you haven't seen it this site is a firm favourite with my class
  10. carbod

    carbod New commenter

    Hi BlueHue- I know i am jumping on the bandwagon here but very interested in your lesson annd wondered if you could send me your plan or give me a few pointers - I have an observation next week and your lesson plan sounds ideal! Sorry to be cheeky!
  11. Hello BlueHue,
    I hope the first day back after the break went ok. I was wondering if you could by any chance email me the lesson you wrote about in the above post.
    Many thanks
  12. Hi,

    I really hope you don't mind me asking and I know your post was from a while ago but would it be possible to get more information on the lesson that you taught on Myths and Legends? It sounds fab and would really help me out.

    I'm new to Y3, about to move and go on maternity leave but have a upcoming observation that is playing on my mind. If you could share the details I'd be over the moon.

    I've never posted before so I not sure whether to send you my email address etc.

  13. Hi

    Not sure if this will help in terms of lesson observations or differentiation but this site was made by a teacher an is a useful resource for teaching myths and legends...

  14. Hi, your lesson for your observation sounds great. I am being observed in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you could e-mail your planning too.
  15. Hi BlueHue,

    I am on my teacher training placement with a Year 3/4 mixed class. I have spent the last two weeks exploring myths and familiarising them with this genre. I have a joint double observation on Mon morning by the Deputy and Head and your plan/ideas for introducing settings sound fantastic. Would you please be able to send me a copy? My email is: nessa.white@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks very much,

    Vanessa x
  16. stefaniemonaghan

    stefaniemonaghan New commenter

    Hi there
    I realise it's been a few years since the original post but was wondering if anyone could share anything helpful. This is my first year in year 3 and I have an observation on myths next week. My email is stefaniemonaghan@hotmail.com

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