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Lesson observation feedback

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by DAWSONS_STUFF, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. do not take it to heart - it sounds like the HT does not know how ch learn...

  2. Hi, I'm sorry you have had such a negative experience of feedback, hope Messers Ben and Jerry helped! But feedback shouldn't mean dumping on you, and it shouldn't leave you feeling demoralised and confused, it should help you to find ways of moving forward professionally. So my first step would be to go back and have another look at any written feedback she gave you, and see if you have overlooked more positives than you realised - it is very common that we hear the negatives and miss the positives. But if, after really reflecting, you still feel that it was not fair or not constructive, take a deep breath and go and talk to your HT about it. Be careful not to come across as angry or sulky, but tell her that it has left you feeling undermined, and without a clear way of addressing the issues. Go prepared, pick out one or two key challenges she made that, after due reflection, you still think were unreasonable (don't turn it into a blow by blow refuttal, that will just sound as if you are blocking feedback) and show her your reasons for making the decisions. Listen to what she has to say, but be ready to help her understand your point of view. Ask for her advice as to how you address the issues she has raised. Is there any professional support she can suggest or the school can provide, for you or for the TAs?
    You can dismiss this unhappy experience as the HT not knowing what she's talking about (and let's face it nursey teaching is very special, and a lot of excellent teachers don't really understand it) or you can turn it to your advantage by asking for professional development opportunitites to address the issues she has raised AND you might just help your HT and other colleagues to begin to develop a new understanding and appreciation of how specialised and skilled nursery teaching really is.
    Hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. It's obvious HT doesn't know the children and you do. Really gets to you though.
    Sounds like you had a perfect lesson and the children have a birlliant teacher.
    Keep your chin up and believe in yourself.
  4. I'm a nursery teacher and your session sounds lovely and well considered... Adding labels??? Not sure your HT quite gets nursery... Good luck in your new job.
  5. It seems to me you really have a good grasp of how nursery age chn learn and provided exactly the right experiences for them during your lesson observation. Your HT however does not seem to understand 3 year olds and I doubt she has ever had teaching experience with them. Good luck in your new position!
    I have a grouse about feedback from performance management lesson obs by SMT in that mine was over 6 weeks ago and the only verbal feedback was "lovely" and there has been no sign of any written feedback. I teach reception and have the privilege of being FS leader but still want to know how I'm doing; I am not the only teacher with this gap in my perf manmt.
  6. Sounds like YOU know what you are doing too and linking to curriculum expectations. Make no mistake you will come across VERY few EY HTs. It's the nature of the beast sadly.
    I have been teaching in EY for 30+ years and have met only 2 HTs who actually understand young children's learning + teaching processes.
    I too very much doubt your obs will impact on your future jobs. (see sentence 2!!).

    However, your performance management might ask for 'assertiveness training' rather than the usual curriculum stuff.

    Finally, this year (and last), i asked for what I need re EAs and training and what to expect (got it). OMG have things started to change!!

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