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Lesson objectives - Help!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kikivox, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. Im really unsure about the LO's that im planning for next half term. Im trying to plan for Literacy year 1 and its the first time ive planned for this subject. Do i take the objectives from the renenwed framework or do i just make them up based on what i want them to do? As an example, if i want the children to role play a familiar story would the LO be:
    To act out their own and well-known stories, using voices for characters, (from the framework)
    To role play Peace At Last? (made up off the top of my head but its what theyre going to be doing)
    Likewise with another lesson, as a group i want to do a story map with my less able children where they are going to be thinking about the different parts of the story but also to challenge them and get some writing in i want them to attempt to write a little caption focusing on initial letter sounds. Would the LO be
    To recognise the main elements that shape different texts (the only one that seems to link with what im doing!)
    or make it up
    To use initial letter sounds in writing (off the top of my head!)
    Im really confused! Ive never really known but at my last school i shared the planning with the 2 other year 1 teachers so i did topic planning which was from a scheme and the LO's were already clearly stated but now ive moved to a new school where its 1 form entry so ive gotta do it all! Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Look at the lesson objective as being what it actually is you want the children to learn in that lesson.
  3. Ok thanks, so basically i make them up to match what it is i want them to do? If so then what are the objectives on the renewed framework site for then?
    Sorry if im being really thick!!
  4. You don't make things up to match what you want them to do.
    You decide first of all what your lesson objectives are going to be. What is it that you want the children to learn. Everything else comes from that point on.
    The framework is there to support planning, it is not a statutory document. The one thing that you must ensure you are following is the National Curriculum.
  5. Thanks for your help :)
  6. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    The other thing I've been told to do is take out any context. For example, my L.O used to be along the lines of 'Can I plan a Greek myth?'. I was told I had to take out the context part and have just what they are learning, i.e 'Can I plan a story?'. I know some people then have to put a context after, but we don't at my school. Sorry, don't know if that helps much!
  7. Thanks! I know its all pretty basic stuff, im just having a brain freeze moment! And its only my second year so its still all new to me! My last school pretty much had all the planning there in place from previous years so i only really had to edit to make it relevant to my children.
    Going back to the LO that you mentioned, where did that come from? The framework, national curriculum or did you make it up?
  8. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    I think that every school and every LEA tells you to do it differently, so if your LEA/school don't have a clear picture of what to do, do it how it makes sense to you and your class.
    Personally, my Learning Objectives come straight from the framework - this is a generic objective / out of context. Then my Learning Outcomes puts it into context.
    Somy learning objective fresh from the framework could be "Can I generate questions about a curricular area and use index in information texts to help find answers" Then it is shared and also becomes my learning outcome something like "I can ask questions things I want to find about teddy bears. I can use infromation texts to find the answers to questions about teddy bears."

  9. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    The National Curriculum says:
    <h3>Planning and drafting</h3>2. To develop their writing on paper and on screen, pupils should be taught to:
    <ol class="alphalist">[*]plan - note and develop initial ideas</ol>The NC is pretty broad, so easy to plan to - far easier than the Primary Strategy IMO. I tend to mix and match between the Primary Strategy and the National Curriculum as I see fit. Don't apologise - I'm in my 4th year of teaching and only got told at the start of this year that my objectives were wrong! And with the amount everything changes there's always going to be questions you have to ask!
  10. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Forgot to mention that bit!

    If I'm completely honest, its all a bit **** and jump-through-hoop-y. I know some people on here don't even share learning objectives with their children and never have done, and they're some of the most fantastic teachers on here. I think it all depends on how strong the head teacher is and how much they're prepared to back their teachers in what they do. But most of us just have to keep doing it and doing as we are told!
  11. Thanks guys :)
    Ive found some in the framework that link really well so ive put them in as they are, its just the ones that i cant find a direct match to. Im gonna make the up but base them on ones from the framework and just change the wording slightly. Im sure they'll pull me up about it if its wrong!
  12. I never share LOs with children unless I am being observed. I always plan from LOs though as I like to know in my own mind what it is I want the children to learn.
  13. I think i kinda work backwards! I find it easier to think of the ideas first and then find the objectives which i know is the complete wrong way of doing it! I just find it easier, i work more creatively that anything else! Once i get the ideas i then find the links to what it is they need to do and adapt from there. Thats probably why im finding it so hard to find LO's!! Doh!
  14. IMO that is not the best way to go about doing things!
  15. Lol i know! Im not as creative if i have a specific starting point. I like to get the ideas and then see where i can link them in, if i cant then i dont do it! Seems to work most of the time, apart from when its the holidays and my brain is not quite up and running yet!!
  16. How do you ensure that your planning is informed by AFL? If you are activity focussed does it not make it difficult to adapt lessons throughout the week to meet the needs of the children?
  17. I still do everything that needs to be covered, i just like to get a load of ideas down on paper first and then see what we need to do and where my ideas can be planned in. Planning is informed by AFL the same as it would be any other way and lessons are adapted as necessary. Its just the ideas i like to think of first, it just gives me an overall ending that i can teach towards. Everyones different i suppose, i just know i work better this way (except today!) I have done it starting with the objective but it normally takes me longer and i find the ideas are less creative and a bit more bog standard!

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