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lesson deemed "inadequate"

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by pleasetryharder, May 21, 2011.

  1. I too have just experienced an inadequate lesson observation and am completely gutted! I was observed by my HT and a HT from another school which added extra pressure. I have been teaching 15 years and have never had a lesson observation that graded me that low and I don't understand how you can go from good and outstanding to inadequate. I am feeling so low and upset that it has prompted me to leave the profession and my notice is written and ready to hand in. I don't want to work in a profession anymore that can treat it's fellow colleagues in such a degrading way. As a teacher I am constantly praising and reassuring my children and making sure that any negativity is wrapped up with positives. Unfortunately as a teacher I am not afforded the same courtesy by my colleagues! I can't actually put into words how the swipe of someones pen from a short lesson observation has wiped out 15 years of my teaching career and I feel like I can't make a difference anymore. What an awful harsh career teaching has turned into it's incredibly sad and it's an incredibly sad end to a job I loved with a passion.
  2. Sorry to hear this: but as I said in my previous post, this is just one lesson - it is not a true reflection of your overall performance. I was in a similar position some years ago, and the head followed this up by threatening informal capability. I resigned. Like you, I thought it was the end of my teaching career and I looked for alternative jobs. I worked in another area of education and loved it. It boosted my confidence until eventually I realized I could go back to teaching - which I did. I'm now teaching in a lovely school with a great team of staff and supportive head. It has made a world of difference.
  3. In my school, there are 4 of us currently being pushed out due, allegedly, to inadequate teaching in spite of better pupil progress than other members of staff. All of us are Ups 1/2 or 3, with a good track-record. Some of us have had less than good recent observations ( I had my first non-outstanding or good for literacy ever-), and my school has been through a rocky Ofsted, but I can't see how 20 minutes' judgement should mean the threat of capabilities, being told to resign tomorrow, or, in my case, having my head imply that she doesn't want me to return after maternity leave as she has to think about "what is best for the children in her school."

    We have had pupil progress meetings/ performance management meetings every half-term this year, which I know is out of order, and the whole situation just stinks. I had already decided to leave the profession before my meeting this week, as I am having my second child and can't see the point in a 60 hour week, working all-day Sunday and no family time, plus childcare costs for two. However, I feel I am being targeted unfairly and the evidence from the other three in the same position ( we only have about 15 teachers in this school) certainly points to this. In fact, I lie, there are 5 of us as this happened to someone else last year. I want to know what can be done about this as it is a form of discrimination.

    The bigger picture, of course, is that if this continues then my daughter is going to go through her education being taught by people barely out of their own childhood who have little or no life-experience or parental experience to speak of, let alone any of the other qualities that experienced teachers bring to this profession. Wouldn't a balance be better for all of us?

    Don't get me wrong, it's not the new teachers I have issue with, but surely this is no good for anyone.
  4. - and no, this isn't a rant, I just feel desperately sad for all the good teachers out there who have given years and years already who now feel like they can't do it any more. One lesson observation doesn't make a teacher inadequate but it does really hurt. There are many of us going through this and sharing that here can at least make teachers feel they are not alone in these experiences. That's what I was hoping to share.

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