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Lesson daily ideas for new children in first few weeks

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by kaz_allan, May 22, 2011.

  1. Hi

    Does anyone have any ideas or planning that they could share regarding new children when they first start school
    Am not sure what activities to cover for the first half term and settling in.

    Thank you
  2. A journey through your child's first half term at Nursery School.
    In the first few weeks of Nursery School children explore the areas in the classroom and find out about what they can do and use to support their learning.
    Through the planned progression of child initiated learning, we use a combination of their interests and the areas within the outdoor and indoor environment to help them build on previous learning.
    We use our Small Group time to talk about
    ? sharing resources,
    ? tidy up time,
    ? movement around school,
    ? things we can do for ourselves
    ? self registration,
    ? coats,
    ? book bags
    ? how to choose an area for learning within our environment
    ? who is here to help.
    We plan the context for learning using the child's interests, since each child will remember their learning when they have been actively involved. Planning in nursery school is very personal to the child and it requires the expertise of the teachers and nursery assistants.
    This term we are focusing on building on the children's routines to help them feel safe and secure - an excellent basis for further learning.
    Children in our nursery school will learn about our rules and they will begin to know what expectations we have of them in each session as they are involved in free-flow play indoors and outdoors.
    Play is hard work; the children are responsible for their own thinking behind a task, using previous knowledge, sharing ideas, listening to other children's experiences and selecting areas/ resources. For this learning to happen children need to develop confidence in their own ability and have the opportunity to work in a well organised and rich active learning environment.


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