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Lesson breakdown & textbook mapping - urgently needed

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by MK teacher, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. Helenmatthews1234

    Helenmatthews1234 New commenter

    Please could i have a copy off all the textbook mapping for Years 1 and 2. Many thanks, very kind of you to do this x Email is helsontheroad@hotmail.com
  2. beatrixkiddo76

    beatrixkiddo76 New commenter

    I would be very grateful if you could send me copies. Many thanks.
    My email is nmiller@brabourne.kent.sch.uk
  3. jeanette.court

    jeanette.court New commenter

    I would like a copy of the Summer Textbook mapping for all year groups if that is possible thank you
  4. clouiseshipley1

    clouiseshipley1 New commenter

    I would like a copy of year 3 Autumn if anyone has a copy please?
    If anyone could email a copy my email is claireshipley12@icloud.com
    Thank you
  5. r8law

    r8law New commenter

    Hi Sophss. Please could you email me a copy to r8law@aol.com I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  6. tsmith70

    tsmith70 New commenter

    I would really appreciate a copy of the Autumn, Spring and Summer Textbook Mapping resources for Year 6 please if at all possible. Email is tabsmith@sky.com. Thanks
  7. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    is this copyrighted or could it be posted in resources?
  8. doony

    doony New commenter

    I have the Autumn and Spring but was unable to get access to Summer. Could you email me the summer textbook mapping Year 1 - 6 please.
  9. aquilaspirit

    aquilaspirit New commenter

    Please could you send me the text book mapping for Year 5 Autumn - katieastbury@icloud.com
    Thank you so much
  10. qasf75

    qasf75 New commenter

  11. qasf75

    qasf75 New commenter

    Please may I have a copy of the text mapping please. All years if possible. Thanks again.
    My email is paul.craig@flpa-tkat.org
  12. jay_stan

    jay_stan New commenter

  13. Helen141

    Helen141 New commenter

  14. DeePend

    DeePend New commenter

  15. DeePend

    DeePend New commenter

    Sorry I have found them
  16. smee467

    smee467 New commenter

  17. HSX

    HSX Occasional commenter

    Could you please send me them?
  18. hannah_howells30

    hannah_howells30 New commenter

    Hi I know this was a few months ago now but I don't suppose you still have them?

    Thanks Hannah
  19. nicola23

    nicola23 New commenter

    Could I please have a copy? nroberts@greville.surrey.sch.uk
    Thank you very much

  20. g.moore1

    g.moore1 New commenter

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