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Lesson Advice

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by ruthcatz, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. To me these questions are aimed at higher level responses than 3 to 4 - which are in reality upper primary levels. I would say that identifying the 5Ks as items of faith and showing a simplistic understanding of their meaning would be L3. Describing Sikh beliefs and how they link to the 5Ks would be L4. Once you start to talk about how wearing the 5Ks might impact on the life of a Sikh you are heading towards L5 (depending on the detail of pupils explanation). If they do all this and are then going on to talk about the challenge of belonging to a religion or making meaningful comparisons with other faiths you could be looking at L6.
    I would say you need to look at the wording of your level descriptors and use these in your phrasing of the task. I have some generic RE ones- if you need some PM me an email address
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I've always felt as though I need to get a better grasp of the levels in R.E. Wouldn't describing the similarities and differences with Sikhism and what you believe be a level 4 but explaining why there are similarities, a level 5. I know most of the group will not be able to do the level 5 bit, however there are one or two pupils who I think may be able to achieve that as based on their last assessment they were really close to hitting a level 5.

    I am still not decided which questions to ask after the research but thanks for the clarification about the levels.
  3. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    OK simple levels

    lvl 2 - name the 5k's
    lvl 3- describe the 5ks and what they are for
    level 4 - explain why each of the 5ks are important ( eg the 'what do you wear which is special to you? maybe explain why is it special' task)
    level 5 - analyse the beliefs - ie your task of 'What problems could a Sikh person face practising one of the 5ks'
    Level 6+ synthesising etc (see blooms)

    If this is for an observation you need to ensure there is AFL clear, eg give them part of an answer and in groups suggest how they could improve the answer/mark it and level someone else's work.
    Also try to show what progress they have made that lesson (use info from the starter to link back to the end of the lesson)

    hope that made some sense!
  4. Really good summary

    If my main activity is for the pupils to describe the 5ks and explain why they wear them, then wouldn't I have already tackled level 3 and 4. Describe being level 3 and explaining being level 4.

    The last activity can be a question which starts to tackle a level 4/5 question which is either what problems could a person face practising one of the 5ks? or a question about similarities and differences with what the pupils believe which would be a level 4 for merely describing the similarities and differences and a level 5 if they explained why there are similarities and differences. The pupils are mainly Muslims.

    Have I understood the levels correctly?
  5. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    *puts on his obs hat*
    here being the difference between what we plan and what the kids can do for obs

    how are you going to show they can
    if this was me facing the obs and doing the 5 ks in the way you were thinking

    starter quick card sort of the 5 k's, eg image, key word, and description

    main 1 - yours would be fine as it shows your own style of teaching

    main 2 - give the kids a exam question to mark about the 5 ks based around your question...questions to look at how could the answer be made better, whats good, what is poor (eg don't use key terms)

    end of lesson name the 5 ks, give a post it note with 'Sikhs wear (name a 5k) because....
    this shows....

    or for your G +t group...why might wearing the 5ks in the UK be difficult for a Sikh,

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