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Lesson Advice

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by shaz2009, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. shaz2009

    shaz2009 New commenter

    Need some advice, we should be having Ofsted coming very
    soon and we are abit lost as a department to what to teach the year 10 and year
    11 for the day when Ofsted come in?

    What we are thinking is teaching the kids about planning,
    linking in with OCR A02,

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">Some of the ideas we have had so far:</font>

    • <font size="3" face="Calibri">Planning, creating a moving model car</font>
    • <font size="3" face="Calibri">Planning, creating the tallest building</font>
    • <font size="3" face="Calibri">Planning the next gen console? The design spec etc </font>

    <font size="3" face="Calibri">The students will work in groups, finding information on using computers using
    blocks, paper, Moodboard and making something physical, </font>

    This will be the first time I experience Ofsted, from my
    knowledge they want to see a lesson which is creative, students working in
    teams, a risk of students not achieving their goal and progression seen.


  2. it1

    it1 New commenter

    I have been through more OFSTEDs than anyone else I know...into double figures now!

    My advice would be:
    Engaging starter that starts literally as the first child arrives...possibly a question on the board
    Objectives of lesson shared and displayed (differentiated)
    Paired or group activity, with speaking opportunities
    Opportunities to be independent - prompt them - e.g. where do you think you could get this information from?
    Literacy and numeracy links AND, very important, links to E-SAFETY
    Q & A
    PLANNED interventions - name the kids who will need extra help/stretching on your plan
    Engaging plenary - share work - peer assessment perhaps?

    Hope this helps. Be confident and don't be scared to deviate from the plan and speak to the inspectors. I have told mine, "I was going to do this but I didn't because" Made no difference to the grade. Pace, challenge and engagement are the most important things for them to see.

    Oh, and make sure everyone has all the work marked!

    Good luck!
  3. SundaeTrifle

    SundaeTrifle Occasional commenter

    Thank you for this timely advice, it1.
  4. shaz2009

    shaz2009 New commenter

    Thank you for the help and advice it1 :)
    Much Appreciated


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