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Lesson activity idea - Technicians Make it Happen photo competition

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CRESTAwards, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. CRESTAwards

    CRESTAwards New commenter


    I'm from the British Science Association. We are collaborating with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation on their Technicians Make it Happen campaign to promote the value of technicians to society and the UK economy.

    We are encouraging young people in the UK, aged between 5-19 years to share an image of a representation of a technician. Students are encouraged to think about technicians in a non-traditional setting and be imaginative in how they capture the work of the technician, utilising costumes and other props. They could act out the scene by dressing up a teddy bear, teacher or a parent as their technician of choice, or create a technician using modelling materials. Please find further details on the website.

    Once the photo has been taken, it should be posted on Twitter using #TMiHPhotoComp with the school or youth group name in the tweet as well as what job the depicted ‘technician’ does. Make sure to follow us at @BritSciAssoc so we can see the snaps. Alternatively, if people do not have access to Twitter, the photo entry can be emailed to us at BSW@britishscienceassociation.org.

    Entries in each category will be selected by the team at the British Science Association, and the TMiH team, who will help create a shortlist of finalists, which will then be judged by a panel.

    Prizes will be awarded for:

    • most interesting technician job featured,
    • creativity of the scene depicted,
    • best descriptive tweet, and
    • a people’s choice for most shares on Twitter
    Examples of current entries can be found here.

    Entries close on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 6pm. Winners will be contacted via Twitter or email.

    PRIZES TO BE WON (see below)!

    Winners will have a choice of prizes from:

    Nikon DSLR camera kit

    5 x Fujifilm instant cameras

    10 x Music Star Packs or Sports Lover kits from Tech Will Save Us

    10 x Electric Dough-Luxe kit from Tech Will Save Us (suitable for younger children)

    Invitation to attend the British Science Association’s ‘Great British Science Club’ celebration event in July 2017.

    Please contact me with any queries about this and hope this proves useful as a potential lesson activity.


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