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Leicester Uni PGCE, heard anything since being offered a place?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Adarsta, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Hello, I have a conditional place at Leciester. I only got is last monday and it says i will get a letter, but havent recieved anything. I was hoping it would arrive today.
  2. Hi, I was offered a conditional place, took in the paperwork they needed, I have been casing ever since to get a letter staing I have a place. They are not returning my calls as I always seem to get an answer machine. I have been asking about the information packs also.
    I am also palying a waiting game with student loans, are you?

  3. I am an independant student, so my student loan went straight through and Ive signed to say I accept their offer and have a payment schedule. I didnt have to provide evidence so it was quick.
    I am also still waiting for an information pack. Im doing my observations to meet my conditions in the next two weeks. It says just to give them the name and address of the school and the number of days I have done.
    I am getting impatient for the info pack.
  4. Hey guys,

    I've been accepted with an unconditional offer for Leicester Uni. Still waiting for the information though. What courses are people doing? I'm doing English x
  5. Hi, I'm doing upper Primary also. I currently work in a school so wanted to know about placements. If I don't need to complete a placement I could fit in another months pay as course doesn't start until 3rd October according to term dates.
    I've been asked for the same information twice from student loans, it is annoying that they are so slow. I was told it will be another few weeks until anythink changes on mine.
    So are you local to Leicester?
  6. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Yeah I am, live and work in a primary school in Leicester at the moment, hopefully if we do have to organise something last minute then they'll have me back for a week! Where are you from/living at the moment?

    I got an email from student loans saying that they haven't received my evidence yet, well they did when they received the rest of my application, they lost it all in my first year at uni too!
  7. I am commuting from derby too. Are you driving or getting the train. Im a bit annoyed cos they wont sign my student railcard til I register and so the first month is going to be full price rail fare. Grrr! I also want to know about the placement as Im starting TA supply and could sound out some schools if I knew what we need. I emailed a bloke from the PGCE office but he didnt email back.
  8. Hi, I live in Littleover, which area of Derby to you live in?
    After my drive in for the interview I plan on using the train. It should work out cheaper with not having the worry of parking charges and would mean I would not have to leave as early.
    I finally had a call back from the PGCE office and I have had the GTTR updated to unconditional. All I need now is my letter of confirmation. However, my waiting game continues with student finance.
    Nice chatting with you.

    Rachel x
  9. Hey guys
    Has anyone had any information from Leicester uni in terms of paperwork etc? I've had a letter concerning my CRB and a letter stating that i've been accepted but no paperwork detailing term dates etc.
    On the plus, side i've heard from student finance who have been surprisingly generous :)
    Hope everyone hears soon
  10. Hello,
    I live in Alvaston and am also planning to commute. It works out at £7.10 a day if it is booked advnced with a student rail card, but unfortunatly they wont stamp our forms (if we are over 25 and need them stamped) until we are registered in September.
    I called them recently with some questions. The answer to all questions is to wait for the info pack which will be sent out by the end of may at the latest. He promised that we will have it in the next two weeks.
  11. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Ooh well hopefully we'll actually hear from them soon then! Hope you both get your commuting arrangements sorted out!
  12. Hi,
    I'm also from Littleover but I plan to live in Leicester next year. I'm suprised there are so many people from Derby going to Leicester :)

    I have recieved confirmation from student finance and the accommodation service now and I'm just waiting for this information pack. I just want to get started on pre course work and sorting out the initial placement. Does anyone have anymore information on this pack?

    Sorry if I haven't posted in the thread correctly, I only just signed up with TES so not sure how it all works yet.

    M X

  13. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter


    I still haven't received any more information either and I'm having problems with student loans, got a feeling they may have lost my original birth certificate :s

    I don't think many of the universities have sent information packs out yet, apart from IOE as my friend is going to an induction day there in July.

    I may try ringing Leicester Uni again but all they ever say is that they will be sent out very soon but I've been told that same thing since February now.

    S x
  14. Me!!! I got mine too. Kind of a little disapointed though because I dont feel it gives us much more information. 'further details of the course will be mailed to you in July'. Great!!
    I thought we had tasks to do during our placement in September but it doesnt say anything. Might do in July I suppose. I dont understand what took them so long to send it out! Anyone else disapointed?
  15. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    I most definitely am! No reading list either but at least things are starting to happen I guess. Have you started to arrange your preliminary placement yet?
  16. I also hoped there would be more info in the pack. I did think the individual plans were a good idea. Not sure how to collate evidence for my points though.
    I've not made any definate plans for the placement yet just a few enquiries among people in education. To be honest I hoped there would be more info in the packs so I would know what was required before I contacted schools.
    Hope everyone is getting on OK with sorting everything out for Sept.

  17. Hey,
    I am trying to do my action plan, e.g. brush up on my maths etc, however if I am buying textbooks to do so then it makes sense to buy the set texts instead of a maths one now and another in September. I have raised this question with the uni and they are going to ask the head of department if they can release me a copy of the book list early as it will form part of the July pack......
    I dont understand why they dont just send one big pack now and then we can prepare properly

  18. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    Me neither, it makes no sense really! I'm trying to do as much as I can without a text book first like the national curriculum stuff which is all on the web, just not sure how I can 'prove' it really, oh well! Not that I've actually started yet! Were pretty much all of your boxes ticked (not including the test related ones)? I just can't get my head round them saying I need more KS2 experience!!
  19. Apart from the tests one I had national curriculum and current education issues, which from hearing people on here and TSR everyone has. My conditions were a week in KS1 and a week in KS2 so I think it was already covered. How long have you done in KS2?
  20. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    I've been working as a ta in a KS2 class since September and have previous experience already in there! I could understand them saying KS1 as I have relatively little experience there but I just don't get it really. Oh well, I'll just put that I've continued to work in KS2 and hopefully I'll get some experience in year 4 (only year I haven't really worked with) on that week placement that I still need to organise!

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