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Lego in writing

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DONYWIRL, Jan 3, 2016.


    DONYWIRL New commenter

    Evening all. I was wondering if anyone had used Lego to help write and plan adventure stories. If so, I'm keen to know how successful this was and how you went about it. Any feedback or advice would be welcome :)
  2. EcoLady

    EcoLady New commenter

    My school was involved in a research project to show the benefits of Lego in teaching. The chn loved it. We got some great writing. Would it have been worse/better without the Lego ... who knows?!
    They'd be set the planning (ie building) task, build it. Role play with it to 'act out' the story/scene/whatever and plan, then write it. That's 3 separate lessons, which is the biggest downside.
    It's hard to keep them on task until the novelty wears off. Some chn definitely get more out of it than others, particularly if they are doing the building as a group.
    You do need a LOT of Lego! We were lucky to get ours as part of the research.

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