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Leeds Uni Secondary Science

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by alicross, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hi SM_BSc
    Well done on your offer! I have accepted a secondary science, chemistry at Uni of Leeds, however, I'm doing an enhancement course so don't actually start PGCE year until 2012. I was very impressed when I attended for interview so I'm really looking forward to it! Sorry can't help you with which course to select on student finance, if you're still not sure you could call TDA?
    All the best :)
  2. Well done!
    What is your degree in? And that is the correct course (just in case you need to know for the future).
    I can't wait to start! Still sorting out my primary placement though.
  3. Hi Ali,

    Well done for getting in! I have an interview for Science PGCE @ Leeds Uni. Do you know what type of questions they asked? etc. I am so nervous!!! I think I may have to do a subject enhancement course as well, so hopefully I will be joining you! Fingers crossed.

    Many thanks
  4. Anyone else starting this course in 2011?

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