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Leeds Trinity and All Saint - Secondary English

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by natterz, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Is anyone attending an interview at LTAS?
    I cannot find any tips on questions asked at interview and was wondering if anyone had had any experience at this institution?
  2. I've got an interview at LTAS on Feb 9th for Secondary Business. I can't seem to find anyone on here who is applying or has any experience of applying!!
  3. I know! I have been on here for a while trying to find people who have/are applying. Hopefully that just means we will be the most prepared (and therefore best) candidates [​IMG]
    I have found myself getting quite stressed about things that other unis have asked people to do! I have to complete a self audit form about my subject knowledge and so am worried I will get asked some questions that will throw me!!
    Good luck with your interview :)

  4. You too! :) When is your interview?
    I've got to do a self audit form as well, some of the stuff I haven't looked at since 2005!! I'm more worried about the "written task" I have to do - I'd love a bit of a heads up about whether its an essay, lesson plan, etc.
  5. Ahaha I had my interview yesterday - are you applying for english?

    The written test for all applicants was basically to check some spelling and also to summarise a long piece down to 50 words that was suitable for an average ability 14 year old.
    If you are applying for english I will happily tell you about that interview...
  6. Unfortunately not!! Business Studies for me :)
    How do you think it went? Do you know how long it'll take them to respond? Any ideas on how much competition for places?
    Sorry for all the questions!!
  7. I've got an interview at LTAS next month, any information about the English would be great!
    How did you get on?
  8. I also have an interview for the Leeds Trinity English PGCE course, and im terrified! especially after I didnt get into my first choice.
    Can anyone tell me how it went and what was involved, and how long it took?
    Also, does anyone know how many places they are available because there seems to be a lot of interview dates... mine isnt until the 25th of May.
    I would have thought they would have been full up by now. My previous choice Sunderland only had 8 places available.
    And were you sent a CRB form before you had the interview? I thought this was odd as no other uni's tend to do this until after you have been offered a place.
    Thanks! [​IMG] X

  9. znm



    My interview is on the same day as yours. I'm terrified too. There are some helpful posts about if you manage to hit the right search combination. I can't seem to find any information on how many places are available either, but it might be nice to know roughly what our chances are (although if they're slim.... maybe it wouldn't?)

    I'm reading the TES and trying to do as much research on current education issues at the moment, but also trying to refresh some of my subject knowledge, because there are so many things that they could ask.

    How are you finding the prep work they sent out? Have you come across any of the excerpts before? I'm familiar with the Asrophil and Stella sonnet, but none of the others. They seem a little random in terms of comparison to me.

    I found this thread helpful: https://community.tes.co.uk/forums/p/60663/3077810.aspx#3077810 (It's not come up as a html link when I've put it in, so you will probably have to copy and paste)

  10. It?s good to know I?m not the only one! Is this your first PGCE interview? I?ve had one other and I thought it went brilliantly? which it obviously didn?t so it really threw me, I thought I was the most prepared in my group some of the people never even had any experience in a school! I think every interview process is different, I?m not sure to what extent we can prepare if my last one was anything to go by.

    I only briefly looked at the prep work or the extracts because my dissertation is due in next week along with 3 other essays, total panic mode, ha ha, but I?m going to set some time to have a look. As far as I can remember I?ve never come across any of them apart from Eliot?s ?The Use of Poetry and the Use of Criticism? and that was only briefly.
    I?m particularly worried about a possible group discussion, I?m a bit shy, but it?s unclear whether or not we actually have one? I had one for a GTP placement and found that it was completely took over by know it alls (surely the way to teach a class isn?t acting like a snobbish show off?) oh well.

    What we really need is someone who?s had an interview at LTAS to give some feedback but this was the only topic I could find to do with a PGCE there. Anyway, thanks for that link ill take a look and see if it?s any use!
  11. hi there,
    I have a PGCE Secondary English Interview at Leeds Trinity if you could shed some light on the process i will be eternally grateful, i haven't been for an interview since i was 17, nearly twenty years ago! I have been volunteering in school for over a year two days a week but I'm still panicking over the compare the poems and prose part.
    Please help!
  12. Hi guys [​IMG]
    i've got an interview too...mine's on 14th June, anyone else got theirs on 14th too? not panicking as such, well not yet anyway, still got 2 months to prepare! not seen many people on here that are going to Trinity or have applied...nice to see there are some though [​IMG] Good Luck for anyone who got their interview coming up.
    Miss Q x
  13. Thanks that's really helpful, much appreciated. My interview is on 10th May so will have to see. Will only put books i am really familiar with on my self audit form!!!
  14. I have an interview the same day, I'm so nervous. The self-audit form is a little scary.
  15. I'm finding the self-audit pretty scary too! I'm also not sure of the format e.g. under Drama, should we write all of the plays we know thoroughly, or just the playwrights? I don't want to write Shakespeare and have them ask me detailed questions about one of the plays I haven't studied! What does everyone else think?


  16. I'm not sure. I think I am just going to list the authors I know and when (or if) they ask me I will just tell them what plays I am familiar with.
    Personally the second section is the one I am worried about - what am I supposed to put under "Media"? Gaaah.
  17. I'm just going to list specific books and plays i am very familiar with. The boxes are not very big so should just fit a few in. Media- have you studied any films? in the high school I'm in they have to study a film and write a film review in year 9 and 10 so I'm using those films.
  18. The poems and prose are a bit nerve-racking, but at least we have a lot of time to read through and analyse them. I'm a bit nervous about reading one fo them out, as I spoke to someone who has already had his interview (and didn't get a place) and he said that he stumbled over a word and was told to stop mid-way through! I can read perfectly well, but you can't always predict what your mind and mouth will do in high-pressure situations!
  19. Hi misscaramclaughz.....yes, mine is for English secondary too...and after having looked through the poems and prose prep for the interview, i just want to cry :( my degree was in language and linguistics and when it comes to literature i'm abit rusty [​IMG] so going to have learn as much as i can in the time ive got left *sigh* .....Leeds Trinity seems to be quite strict when it comes to the interview compared to what others have been asked to do for other unis..dreading it!
    Has anyone had their interview??...any help in regards to it would be very much appreciated
    x x

  20. completely agree charlie!!

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