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Leeds Secondary PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by judodan, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hello. Who out there has been offered and accepted a place for the Secondary PGCE at Leeds University?
    I received my offer and accepted it today for Secondary MFL: French with German (and Russian). I also got a place on the Newcastle German Extension course for this summer :)
  2. Hi, I have been offerend a place at Leeds for secondary English! It is conditional on my graduation, my CRB check, and fitness to teach. I am so glad that everything has been sorted out!
  3. Oh cool :) Good luck with graduation!
  4. I had my interview for Secondary English at the start of November, and got a conditional offer (based on funding) on the 30th November, which I accepted.
    Since then my gttr track hasn't changed at all, and I'm starting to panic, especially now i know others have unconditional offers!
  5. I was an undergrad at Leeds - I studied German and did elective modules in Education. I have a few friends who are now doing MFL PGCE at Leeds now - you'll love it. Try and not get on the bad side of Amanda Deacon though, she's ruthless (but I've heard she's nicer to the postgrads). She interviewed you, right? Oh and Gary Chambers is a pedogogic genius.
  6. It says that my offer is conditional, but I have made a firm acceptance
  7. I've already recieved and sent back my crb, medical forms and got details about organising a primary placement before the course starts.

    What have you recieved so far?
  8. I haven't received anything yet. I still need to show my degree certificate and CRB check as I didn't bring them when I went for interview. I called on Monday, and was told I could bring them in next week. Once I have done that, I will probably be given the next set of information.
  9. I've been offered a place on this course too. I'm so excited! :) I've received back my CRB check, but not heard anything in relation to my fitness to teach. Do they tell you when you've passed that, or automatically assume that if we've heard nothing then we're fine? x

  10. I got a call from the nurse/medical officer a while ago saying she had signed me as clear. Since then I have received some documents relating to the primary placement and about completing the assignment relating to it.
    Which subject are you doing?
  11. Hopefull I'll get a call pretty soon then! I'm doing Secondary English. I'm really excited about starting the course, but a bit worried/apprehensive about how intense it's going to be. Do you think we'll have any free time or any form of social life during it? Haha xx

  12. Yeah, I'm sure it will be very intensive, but I am sure we will enjoy it nevertheless. I think different people will cope with it in different ways. For some people, it will consume most of their time; for others, things will takes less time to complete. It all depends on how well you cope with heavy workloads! :) x
  13. I'm currently doing my PGCE at Leeds this year, in Biology! It's a good place to do it, some really nice partnership schools in the area too. Feel free to shoot any questions about the course my way - if they're subject specific I've got friends and flatmates doing the other subjects so should be able to answer any queries!
  14. Are you enjoying your course? I'm going to be doing mine in Secondary English in September. Was just wondering if there are specific halls you would (or wouldn't) recommend? Also what's your typical timetable like whilst you're at uni, compared with whilst you're on placement? Is there any space for a social life in there?! haha xxx
  15. I've accepted a place for Secondary Science (Biology). Not heard back about the health form, but got the pack about primary placement. Still trying to arrange that.
  16. Hi. Have you had any luck in finding a placement. I luckily secured one yesterday after ringing so many schools. Think we might be in the same Physics classes :)
  17. Congrats!!

    No luck yet for me, but I've a couple of places where people I know work to try. I just hope I can find something soon.
  18. hi there.

    I have a place accepted for Secondary MFL for September, am trying to arrange a primary placement at the moment, the long list of schools not to talk to keeps catching me out. I have done my undergraduate degree at Leeds so know the city well.

    If anyone would like any advice on housing or anything feel free to ask.
    Hope everyone is enjoying their freedom before the madness begins.
  19. Evolution_Kills

    Evolution_Kills New commenter

    Congrats all on getting your places at Leeds. Don't sweat the primary placements too much - they can be a right pain to find but you can always do them in enhancement week at the end of the course (which I did). I actually think you'll get more out of it at the end of the course, especially if you've taught Year 7 - you're in a much better place to implement the tips and tricks you see primary teachers using. Make sure to ask them about literacy/numeracy!

    I think missbiologygeek would agree - stay in touch with your coursemates when you're on placement full time, it's good to know everyone is wading through the same difficulties, and sharing a meal is a good way to ensure you get at least one night off work (even if certain people can't finish a decent plateful :p )

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