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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lucy0806, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I just wondered if anyone else who has beenoffered a place and sent back confirmation of attendance has anyone received any further information yet (such as starting dates etc)?

    Thanks :)
  2. Hi. I have a place but have not heard anything since sending my confirmation?? Very frustrating because I have no idea when we start!! My friend has a place at Hull and she has has a welcome pack and a day in July when all people on the course are meeting to receive reading Lists etc!!! When did you have your interview?

    Elise :) x
  3. I received an email on Friday about a induction day on 8th July! Should be useful and I'm guessing they will be telling us everything we need to know :). Will you be going? It will be nice to meet people also doing the course! Xx
  4. I got the same letter about the induction day. I have just emailed to confirm my attendance as it sounds like it will be a useful day.
    Are you going? Do you live in Leeds already or are you moving here for the course?x
  5. I live in Rotherham about 50 mins away so will be commuting. Can't afford any more student debt ha ha! Yeah I am going. I emailed admissions other day to see when we would be starting and they said 13th September and first placement on 19th!!!! Scary stuff!!

  6. Sounds good...I know what you mean about student debt...it's even worse now they have scrapped the bursary!
    Wow placement so soon-that is very scary! I am looking forward to it but nervous as well! x
  7. I know a bursary would really help!!! But it's only a year I guess! I'm a teaching assistant at min an I have to leave which I don't want to do because I love it but needs must! Do you live in Leeds? X
  8. i have an interview in less than 2 weeks.........a bit late i know, and to be honest i was suprised and panicking...any tips on the questions asked/written and group task etc would be appreciated lots :)
  9. anyone??/
  10. Well done on the interview!
    On my interview day the head of the course talked to us about what the course entailed and then we had to get into groups to work on a presentation on Every Child Matters. We had to present this to the others after lunch. Then we got called out to have an individual interview in which we were asked to take an object to help explain why we wanted to teach. The individual interview only lasted 10mins so it depended how much you talked for how many questions they asked I think.
    We also had to do a written task in which we had to write a sort of mini essay on why we thought we would make a good teacher.
    It was no where near as scary as I expected and I felt that they really tried to make sure you were at ease throughout the day!
    Good Luck for the interview!
  11. At this time of year you are probably OK to drive / park. There is a pay and display carpark on campus at Headingley (assuming that is where you are going) which is about 40p an hour - or it used to be about that anyway.
  12. No we had to make a mission statement for our school based on Every Child Matters. I would have a look at it and also any other issues in education. I had some notes on things in my bag to read at lunch but I didn't really use them because I didn't know what to expect.
    For interview questions I would look at why you want to teach and why primary then also look at why you would make a good teacher then and current education issues. They might not ask you any of those questions but I think they would be key points.
    I didn't drive as I live in Leeds and know there is a lot of permit parking around headingley. I think there is a car park on site though which would be much quieter at this time of year or you could drive to headingley and park in this small pay and display car park opposite wilkinsons and get the bus up to becketts park.
  13. Hi Elise...for the induction day on 8th July do you think we can just wear normal casual clothes as if it were a normal uni day?x
  14. I'm so sorry for late reply!!! I have been thinking about this an I was thinking more casual but not sure!!!! Have u got an email or facebook because I don't check this very often! Do you know what bus to catch from station up to headingley? My email is elisebowen@hotmail.com if u wanna email me it's something I check more regularly :) xxx

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