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Lecturing Leadership & Management in FE College

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by D_Dee, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've applied for a job as a lecturer of leadership & management within FE college with a good chance in securing this position. Does anyone of you have experience in teaching this subject at a standard tertiary college? I would be interested to find out the work hour patterns common in colleges for this subject. I'm concerned that they may expect me to work evenings. Are you aware if this standard practice for leadership & management subject?

    I currently work as a lecturer of the same subject at an independent FE training provider and my core hours are 8.30-5pm. The change to evening working would be quite drastic and I'm starting to doubt my decision to move from private training provider to college.

    Would love to connect with other leadership/management lecturers and see what your experience was/is in similar roles.

    many thanks

  2. Mattz1993

    Mattz1993 New commenter

    Hi D,

    Hope all is well. It very much depends on the college and their curriculum offer. I would recommend having a look at their website to see how they advertise the courses to prospective learners (they normally have the FT/PT options advertised with times).

    I would also recommend phoning the appropriate appointing manager and simply asking for some more information. As a manager, I always have a positive imagine of someone who phones up asking for more information - it shows a little bit more dedication and commitment, in my opinion.

    Hope this helps,


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