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Leaving your cat outside?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by amica, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. amica

    amica New commenter

    Does anyone think it is OK to make a cat stay and sleep outdoors at this time of year? A family in our street does this because the cat has started weeing on the carpet. I am concerned that it is cruel to make the cat sleep outside in sub-zero temperatures because you don't want your carpets ruined! This is an older cat, already upset by the arrival of a new kitten (demonstrated by aggressive behaviour). The kitten DOES stay in the house and they also make a big fuss of it, buy toys for it, play with it etc. and virtually ignore the older cat.
  2. kittylion

    kittylion Senior commenter

    Yes I think it is cruel - does it have any sort of shelter provided?
  3. Roboteer

    Roboteer New commenter

    Any animal outdoors needs significant shelter providing at this time of year.
    Sounds like their older cat has not reacted well to the new one's arrival and that they have handled it even less well.
    I think I would be phoning the RSPCA for advice if I could see a cat or any other animal shut outside in this weather. I think even animals that might normally live outside such as rabbits, guinea pigs etc need moving into a shed or garage for extra protection when it is this cold.
  4. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    I don't think it's acceptable but any cat that I've ever had has be the queen or king of the house and their comfort has come before such things as ruined carpets.
    Those people have obviously no time for their older cat now that they have a new shiny one.Could you take him in? I know that I would just offer to take him off their hands as they don't want him.
  5. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter


    Cats shouldn't be outside in this weather. Regardless of the cold they can get salt and antifreeze on their paws, which could be fatal if they ingest it while grooming.
  6. Chucking it out is only going to make it more insecure and hence more likely to pee on the carpets when it is inside. This is a behavioural problem and should be tackled as such. They need to make the older cat feel more wanted and give it a secure and comfortable place. Locking it out is both cruel and counter productive. I'd nick the cat and give it some care and attention.
  7. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Pretty much what I would do.
  8. My cat is getting on a bit and he's barely been outside this winter. He's currently buried under the dog blanket next to the radiator because he considers the ambient temperature a bit chilly. I think if I left him out in this weather he'd be dead by morning. Horrid people. They could at least confine the poor thing to one room with a rubber sheet and a litter tray.
  9. Cruel f*ckers. Please steal the cat, even just to take it to a Cat Rescue home or something. :-(
  10. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Looks as if we all agree. Amica,go and get that cat,now!
  11. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Definitely - it's dark enough to sneak out, and you may be lucky enough to get snow to cover your footprints. Although they sound heartless enough not to care about anybody nicking the poor creature.
  12. Seadream

    Seadream New commenter

    Amica - please let us know what you do - that cat needs rescuing/reporting tonight. My 2 are curled up on the sofa in the warm and all cats need to be inside in this weather...
  13. If the family provided a litter tray, the cat would use it. It should definitely not be outside in this weather. Like Seadream's cats, my two are safe and sound in the warm. One is cuddled right up to me as I type.
  14. snowstorm

    snowstorm New commenter

    As other posters have said
    Please nick the cat! poor mite.
  15. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    You cannot be serious!
  16. Good idea.
    It's vile behaviour. I'd report them to the RSPCA - you can do it anonymously.
  17. amica

    amica New commenter

    Don't worry forestje, I don't think it's in any way OK but was checking whether being overly sentimental as I am potty about cats. The cat is not in the open but has a little bed in a shelter like a coal bunker, which I know it has used in the summer. My problem is that said shelter is in their garden behind a high locked gate, so preventing access. I will investigate and make sure they have not relented and taken it in for the night (the son is my son's mate) and if not organise cat rescue! Will report back later, probably tomorrow, so don't worry folks, I will not let this cat suffer!
  18. Good on you.
  19. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    If anyone tries to stop you,tell them TES has sent you!
  20. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Our cat is 15, quite healthy for her age, and has a free choice about inside or outside until the cat flap is locked shut around 10pm. Apart from doing her number twos in the flower bed this morning she's been in all day, by choice.

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