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Leaving Teaching

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Oli_2006, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I would like people's advice about whether there is life after teaching, or not!
    I've currently been teaching for a few years and am seriously considering leaving the profession to do something else, but am worried that there are not many job prospects for ex-teachers?
    I have also recently been ill and am sure that it has been brought on by endless stress and pressure in the teaching profession. Don't get me wrong, there are times I really enjoy teaching but there are many more when I don't.
    I'm worried that I will be seriously 'frowned-upon' for leaving the profession, but I've come more to realise that it is affecting my health to quite some extent.
    Is it possible to even take a break from teaching and return in a few years if I decide I want to? I'm not sure how long the PGCE qualification lasts if you're not teaching - does anyone know?

    Any advice really would be great - especially from people who are feeling the same or have already made the move!
  2. It's funny because I came on here about to ask a very similar question. Basically, is now a good time to be leaving teaching? What if I decide that it is what I want to do and then there are no jobs? I have found a job I am thinking of applying for outside of teaching but it does represent a pay cut of a few thousand a year (which I don't mind at the moment, but obviously isn't ideal). My concern is that leaving teaching will be a mistake that I can't come back from. Hate being a grown up.
  3. I'm leaving the profession at the end of this term, I really cannot wait!
    I'm leaving for similar reasons to you, I am hopefully going back to university to re-train in another career, I will be starting at the bottom again, with a huge pay-cut!
    Do your research, find out what is out there for someone with your skills and qualifications, it has taken me 5 years to do it.
    Think carefully, my decision is not one that I have taken lightly and I fully intrend never to return.
  4. I suppose if you have a degree in something not in teaching there is more scope
    I did a BA Primary Education
    Less window of opprtunity for me than someone with an English Degree and PGCE
  5. I would disagree tbh. I think it is about mindset nd how you're willing to adapt to new changes/challenges.
    Many of those I know have walked away from Primary and done somehting even within Education, but not directly in classrooms or schools OR totally changed sector. Many in to law, some in to social work, some have had to do conversion courses/additonal qualifications, but long-term even teachers will probably have to do this if the Government's suggestion of a Masters level job comes to fruition.
    A degree is about showing you have a standard of education. You don't really think for example that all politicans have a Plitics degree? Of course not, so what stops you from changing career?
    Oh and on a side note, I myself was a Nursery teacher in July and then in September I was in a totally different role. It was mroe about me being coninced of my transferrable skills, doing a bit of research and being honest about where I would need to have some support in the new role; is that really much different to anyone else going for a new role?

    Good luck.

  6. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I'd be wary of this 'grass is greener' thing. Things aren't all wonderful outside the profession.
  7. I really don't think you need to worry about your decision being 'frowned upon', from the posts on here may teachers would be envious that you'd got out!
    I was a teacher and stopped teaching about 8 years ago, I still work in school and would NEVER go back to teaching.
    Good Luck in whatever you choose to do.
  8. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I second this. Things are getting worse IMO. Had 4 friends lose their jobs lately and my OH is the only one left at his workplace out of 7 in his department. If you want to leave teaching you need to have something lined up first I'd say. x

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