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Leaving teaching?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by stormysky, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. Hi, Just wondering where do you find jobs like that because I want to leave teaching to and I fancy a job like that, i too am dreading next week! Have you any advice on how to get an education officer job? E.g. should I try and do some extra courses in the holidays etc?
  2. While I was in my fourth year at my state school I became utterly demotivated and down. I felt the work I was doing was repetitive, kids disrespectful, classes too big and a lack of funding to the point that I couldn't buy any exercise books for the last three months of the year. I was going to leave teaching- no questions asked. However, as a last chance, i started looking at international schools. I have just started at a private school in Switzerland and my biggest class has 12 bright, willing students, I work as a HoD in a well resourced department with inspiring and interesting international colleagues and all for a five figure salary increase from what i was earning in the UK.I feel happier than I have in years. Seriously think about a new experience abroad. I know for sure and certain that I am not going to return to the UK state system.
  3. One thing that has kept me going in teaching so far is that schools vary enormously. I have worked in some schools where things are great (then it&rsquo;s only the workload that bugs me!). There&rsquo;s no way of knowing whether a school is for you until you work there.. I'm not even convinved that a visit is enough, though it depends what you look for and observe. Like lor65uk (post 15) I&rsquo;ve worked in schools with good looking Ofsted reports that I wouldn&rsquo;t want to go back to!
    Anyway, I'm glad someone has started this thread as I&rsquo;ve been meaning to write my thoughts about teaching down for sometime but kept putting it off. I&rsquo;m not sure why. I think it&rsquo;s because I still want to believe that teaching is a worthwhile career and I&rsquo;m annoyed with myself for finding it less satisfying that I was expecting.
  4. I did insert paragraph breaks to make it easy to read - not sure what's happened to them!!!
  5. monalisasmiler

    monalisasmiler New commenter

    Manyjobs have you thought about teaching in FE? You mentioned you used to have a job in IT and I wondered if you had considered teaching IT as an alternative.
    I have taught in FE for 13 years and then went into schools for a time and had a real shock behaviour wise. FE you can also have this but if you are permanent and full time they have more respect, also you don't have the class sizes that you do in schools.
    Just a thought.
  6. I completed my NQT year last year and have just started a new year in the same school. I've also had serious doubts about teaching from the very start of my training and although at times, I've thought "that's it, I really can't take it anymore, I've got to leave before I collapse", I have carried on, for all the wrong reaons: fear of being seen as a failure by my friends and family, fear of disappointing my parents and uncertainty about what to do next. I know the problem is not the school or the department, people are really friendly and supportive there, and I was looking forward to starting the year again after the holidays. But that was not because I wanted to do the job again, that was because I wanted to see my friends everyday again. However, like many teachers, what I hate is the work load. I so wish I could have a job where I don't have to spend my weekends planning lessons, marking books etc... Also, although my collegues and HoD tell me that I'm a great teacher and it would be a loss for the school if I left, I feel that staying is a loss for myself: we've only been back a week or so, and I'm really stressed out. I can't concentrate and plan my lessons, I spent 10 hours last Sunday trying to plan my week and only manged a few lessons, and had to raise the alarm at school, because my health is deteriorating. Insomnia, can't eat, visibly lost weight in just a week!!!
    I really don't want to turn round in ten years time and realise I've wasted my time in a job that was taking over my whole life and making me poorly and unhappy, but I also have a feeling of guilt as I feel I would be letting people down if I stop. I have also told myself many times "one more term", "one more year", but seeing how I feel after just a week, I know I won't carry on in teaching and need to find alternatives.
    I have trained as a Secondary French and German teacher (I'm actually a French Native Speaker) and I'm sure there are lots of areas in which I could apply the knowledge I have and skills I have gained, but the problem is that I don't know what I want to do as I haven't really done anything else (apart from waitressing and working as a secretary one Summer just after I finished Uni). And I don't know where to look for help and advice. Any suggestions?
  7. This is my 3rd year in my current post, I had doubts during my PGCE about whether teaching was for me, however suffering from depression for the first time ever last year, I decided I wanted out. Unfortunately, I was not pro-active enough at searching for jobs during the March - July period. I have now returned to my school and coming in each day is gradually destroying me inside.

    My problem is mainly that I just cannot stand children (an issue that has built up over the PGCE year and 2 teaching years) along with the work load. I am currently studying in my own time for a recognised ICT technician qualification (A+) so am using that as a driving force. I have various job sites open as I write this message, I'll take more or less anything ICT / Office related that pays above 14k ish, I'm that desperate.

    The only worry for me is, if I find a job, leaving outside the allotted period would land me in legal trouble. I have absolutely no issue with being struck off the teaching register as I have no intention of ever returning to the classroom after I escape. While management are aware I am looking for a new job, I have promised truthfully to do my best for my classes while I'm still here. They are not aware of how badly I wish to leave, although some colleagues are. Utter nightmare situation each day, so I sympathise with all of the other posters in this thread.
  8. Martin87

    Martin87 New commenter

    I have recently completed my PGCE and have begun my career as a primary teacher. After reading this thread, however, i feel quite disheartened. Are there any teachers who love their job and lifestyle?? Whilst I am obviously aware i have only been in the job full time for a matter of weeks i feel quite dismayed at some of the messages on here. Just wondernig if there are any stories of teachers who are perfectly happy in their job??
  9. Of course, there are! I have lots of colleagues who are really enjoying teaching, even though they sometimes have their ups and downs, too. The problem is that some of us are not made for it. As far as I am concerned, all my colleagues tell me how brilliant a teacher I am and will be, but the thing is that it comes with great sacrifice, and I'm not prepared to keep on like that. My colleagues actually tell me that I'm being too hard on myself, because I'm a perfectionist and that I should cut back on work. The problem is that I don't know how to. They might be right, but this is who I am, and if it means that I have to spend so much time planning lessons and that I don't get a life outside, then I'm not ready to stay in this profession because it doesn't suit me.
  10. Hi,
    I used to be like that really enthusiastic . Sometime I really enjjoy my job, but it also takes over your life.. Sometimes I'm so exhausted that I don't have the energy to even talk to my partner. I spend Friday nights working and the whole of Sunday planning. I would like to start a family but am stressed as I know I can't carry on full time but can't afford to go part time which is like a normal full time job in any case. Oh and i'm in my 4th year of teaching and as I said sometimes I enjoy being in the classroom, but its the workload that is the killer.
  11. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    There are plenty of teachers who are happy in their job but this is hardly the thread (or indeed the forum) on which to look for them!
  12. I wasn't happy last year and thought the holidays would sort me out. To some extent this did happen but after two weeks of lower school citizenship I am going made. Last Thursday I went to the head and said I was looking for another job. Done it now! He was very indifferent (a real bully). I need the money but I can't bear the feelings of stress that seem to have all the time. I actually feel happy now, the first time for ages. Job searching noew and feeling a bit panicky but I know if I hadn't gone in and told him how unhappy I was, I would have struggled on. This job can make you very ill. I might end up being a recptionist but that would be better then wishing my life away at school.
  13. This thread has just lessened the enormous amount of guilt I have been feeling after wanting to leave teaching only three weeks into my NQT year!
  14. I keep reading this thread to see how other people are feeling and what they are doing about it, but I'm still at a loss. I've actually been really depressed over the past few weeks, even more so since I have been signed off, because I have too much time to worry about everything. I am scared at the thought of going back to work, thinking that it will be really hard and that I can't do it, but on the other hand, I feel that life without work is pointless and meaningless. I really can't picture what else I could do and would enjoy, and I wonder whether I could ever find a job that would pay enough to be able to actually do things in my free time. I can't imagine a brighter future as it all seems to be a vicious circle to me.
  15. I feel in the same position as you aurorem.
    I have had months off before with depression and anxiety but thought I had beaten it for good.
    Had a lot of time out from classroom teaching.
    Now back in it - but the symptoms are returning.
    Feeling like I cannot ever win - awful feeling.

  16. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Try this for other options - there are loads which can make it confusing.

  17. I'm not sure I understand your post, Becky... Did you mean to confuse me? lol

    I had looked at this already, actually. I even saw a career's advisor, who turned out to be completely useless! All he did was sit me in front of a computer to make me answer a list of questions, which I could have easily done from home on the net.
    Badteacher (not very positive, this name!), one thing that does help is talking to lots of people about the situation. Teachers and non teachers. I do have moments when I think there isn't any solution and that there are only problems emerging one after the other, but with all the people I have talked to and all the different opinions I've had, deep down, I know I will be getting somewhere soon, even if I can't see where I'm going exactly... Hang in there, it will work out one way or another. That's what I'm trying to tell myself...
  18. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    No, sorry! Meant that when you go on that website it throws up so many options! Had the same thing as you with careers advisers too.
    Could you start by looking at your finances - what's the minimum you need to earn to survive firstly and then what do you need to do to survive plus do stuff that you enjoy. This should narrow down the options, maybe quite a lot!
    Good luck!
  19. My thoughts are with all those of you who are having/have had a rough time in your teaching jobs! I trained in 2002/3. Had I known then about how tough teaching is I wouldn't have done it. Like so many of you, I stuck it out because of all the effort, time and money I've put into it - and I've got a cupboard full of books and resources. I also felt I had to prove to myself that I could do it and succeed. I did supply, including my NQT year, for the first couple of years then began looking for permanent jobs. I didn't realised how competitive it is (I trained in Geography) and never secured a permanent position. I continued to do supply jobs (daily supply and long term positions). In Sept 08 I got an RE position in a Catholic School for a year. I ended up leaving a fews months early because of my HOD and a senior member of staff. I'm really glad I did. I knew before I took this job that I'd had enough of the work load and bad behaviour. I'm now looking for other jobs and back to daily supply again. Thanks for the jobs link and for advise throughout the forum - it really helps reading about other people's experiences.
  20. I'm sorry to read through some of these posts, its so depressing and I feel your plight.
    During my NQT I had a HT that bullied and picked on me and accused me of wrongdoing for things I had never done, and I was made to write and apologise for all these things. My department was lovely to work in and I really liked the staff (and the HoD was very supportive to me) but the HT seemed to have a bone to pick on me and I didn't last long there.
    Sometimes I don't know who was worse when i was teaching, the management above me or the kids. Depending on the school both can be quite awful, the constant disrespect from the kids and the demands and crud the SMT put you through. My HT in my NQT time made all staff do after school insets until about 10pm at night!!!!, it was awful, the school was never closed for inset and we had to do two of these damn things a term, thats not including the parents evenings and awards etc. I wouldn't get home until 11.
    The start of each term filled me with pure dread and I had sleepless nights thinking about going back to work.
    At my most recent (and final!!) teaching job I saw some of my department colleagues undergo a lot of harrassment and pressure from HT and SMT (in an "outstanding" ofsteded school) and it was so depressing to see them go through this. A colleague got hounded with constant lesson observations by SMT (maybe 2 a week).
    Experiences like these added to my cynicism and loathing of the profession. At the time I thought it was maybe just something i was going through but after reading these threads i realise I wasn't alone.
    There is no way in h*ll I'm going back into teaching just to have a few parents and kids say they enjoy my lessons and the occasional cool lesson where things magically seem to work out (yes just like in those happy TDA just teach adverts, if only I had classes like that!!)

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