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Leaving teaching – Alternative job ideas needed

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by upforoz, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. beccabecca

    beccabecca New commenter

    Hi there ... . I've only been teaching 3 years and I'm still having trouble keeping up. I'm up at 5.30 to work ...working till 6, sometimes in the evening and always weekends. It's awful. I'm interested in more details about your job. Thanks. X
  2. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Support roles in academia, I have a science background and I'm doing technical support in my area in a uni but a teaching background could also work in admin roles. Check out local uni websites and also jobs.ac.uk
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  3. teselectronic

    teselectronic Occasional commenter

    Sorry to hear you are considering leaving your teaching post, I'm quite sure you'll be missed.
    I was returning from my walk the other week when I came across a young chap and his daughter, we conversed about birds and in general, wild life.
    He informed me he was working for a well known supermarket and one of his colleagues, a delivery driver, was an ex - teacher who could speak five languages. She was getting far more money 'delivery driving', than in teaching and, a lot more free time.
    He quoted,"it's a joke the way the country is treating teachers; I would not be a teacher for a gold pig".
    You may consider this and some part - time tutoring.
    Hope this helps.
  4. spam66

    spam66 New commenter

    I'm an ex secondary ICT teacher and I've moved into HE. Only been here 2 months but I love it! I have taken a paycut initially but there is loads of scope for promotion. Holidays are pretty generous for non-school setting, you pay into the LGPS and there are plenty of flexible working options. Everyone seems to stick to doing their 36 hours a week with no expectation for staying later, and lots of proper wellbeing schemes. You are trusted to get on with your job! I'm in IT support/training, but there are lots of different roles which ex teachers are suitable for. We have excellent organisational and time management skills, which are highly valued in other sectors. I had to apply for a few jobs before I got the right one, so don't be disheartened. It can happen! I should add my husband has also left teaching at the same time and now works in management in FE. We are both much happier although we earn less and have (slightly) fewer holidays. We are not spring chickens either (late 40s/early 50s). Go for it!!
  5. madinet

    madinet New commenter

  6. madinet

    madinet New commenter

    This sounds interesting. Could you send me the name of the company for more information?
  7. rachelmanning

    rachelmanning New commenter

    Would it be possible to have more info on the candle company? This sounds very interesting.
  8. agata319

    agata319 New commenter

    Hi Hannah,
    I would like to find out more about the work that you do, please.
  9. emilythompson123

    emilythompson123 New commenter

  10. gulsum

    gulsum New commenter

    Which vompany is this?
  11. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    Jayzus people. Pyramid scheme on cheapo LCD candles. Steady your wild horses, you are teachers!

    Lots of regular office jobs pay the same as teachers. HR, company CPD, accountancy - do the retraining and off you go.

    I would prefer that SLT stop burning teachers and the country's resources mind. It is possible to run a school, attain a good at ofsted, attain sensible outcomes and the staff work sensible hours. Why would someone want to do more than this? Well, if a pay cheque of 500,000 beckons for the right MAT executive you can see how it happens.
  12. fella

    fella New commenter

    I hate to jump on someone else's thread, but I Too am considering a change of career and I would like some guidance and support if possible.
    I currently teach Geography I have a degree in environmental science and prior to teaching I have 13 years experience working in sales and marketing of electronic components.
    I love teaching and I think that helping young people learn and better themselves is really my vocation. However, I am not sure that all the pressures of the job suit my skillset.
    I would love an opportunity to stay in education in some way, my wife now also works in education so not having the holidays could become an issue.
    I would also like an opportunity to work within the environmental field, but my practical experience (post degree) is limited to just teaching about environmental issues.

    If anyone has any ideas please help.
    I kinda feel like just throwing my toys and giving up at the moment.

  13. fella

    fella New commenter

  14. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Perhaps some of the posters on this thread should consider teaching in an international school. It is a lot more fun than teaching in the UK.
  15. cb324

    cb324 Occasional commenter

    Look into surveying. I quite last year and began April 2017. I do general practice surveying for commercial properties. I love the job. You manage buildings for landlords, sell or rent them out, value them etc. No weekend work etc. Although it seems the director levels do work fairly long hours but nothing crazy e.g. 9-6pm plus some hours on the weekend. But that only seems for directors.

    Rics has a database of all the directors in your local area and their email address. I got my job by sending an email to lots of them around my city.
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  16. fella

    fella New commenter

    But surely you would need some retraining to go into completely different profession??
    I need to be able to switch to similar wages straight away. Most jobs I have looked at require qualifications and memberships of chartered institutes etc??
  17. cb324

    cb324 Occasional commenter

    You're right I do need some training if I want to become a Chartered Surveyor. I'm able to do the majority of my job with on the job training at the moment but I did have to take a bit of a pay cut going to this. I didn't have to do any sort of training to get my foot in the door. Just had to sell myself enough to the right people. If you can show your competent and self motivated then any boss will want you.

    It's very very very unlikely you're going to jump into a 30k+ a year job in a different career. Most people wont want to pay that much for someone with little to no experience. If you dislike the everydays of teaching as much as I did then you have to take the pay cut. In the end a little less money is worth it if it means your not going home stressed every night. I would wake up every morning dry heaving from the stress and I just assumed this was normal. Got into my new job and I haven't even came close to any of that feeling.

    Depending on what your degree is in is going to depend on what sort of salary you think you can get in a new job, but any admin job etc isn't going to go much over 25k and thats being ambitious. Most admin jobs usually go for around 18-24k and they dont have a lot of room for progression.

    Jumping into a different career usually gives you options to progress to a higher pay scale. Depends what you want to do. I simply googled "things to do with a geography degree" and had a look at possible career ideas.

    The way I saw it was, my new job is working 9-5:30pm and no work on the weekends. That means I've probably saved 10-15 hours a week by not having to work as many hours as teaching, so the paycut isn't so bad. Thats 40-60 hours a month I get to myself to do what I want.

    I may be paid less currently but I don't go home thinking how much work I need to do because I know I can just start it once I get in. If things get busy, I can push meetings etc further ahead.
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  18. If you are in London you can have a look at at TFL (transport for London)... they have a variety of jobs available
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  19. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    I have just recently heard from CGP BOOKS - who are taking some of my poems for their books. I'm thrilled as I read on Linkedin that they supply 90% of the education market with books and they're now branching out to overseas markets. If you go to them on Linkedin you will also read that they are looking for editors for their educational books and they want, of course, people with an educational background. This could well be something you'd like to do as many 'editors' can work from their home with hours to suit themselves. I do hope this is useful information for you. Good luck and best wishes for the future.
  20. Jenkibubble

    Jenkibubble Occasional commenter

    I am starting my training as a prison officer when I return from
    my holiday . Not 30k , but overtime possibilities . It is shift work though - not sure how this would suit you with family life etc ( every other weekend ) , my kids are slightly older now so not too much of an issue ! I know there will be stresses , but I'm keen to use my skills from teaching e.g communication , de-escalating situations and relationship building to make a difference . We will see !
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