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Leaving teaching – Alternative job ideas needed

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by upforoz, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. upforoz

    upforoz New commenter

    Hi, basically I want to get out of teaching due to the huge workload not fitting in with my new family life (we have a young daughter). I need some support in trying to find out what other job options I may have by using my “transferable skills”.

    Short summary:
    KS1 and EY teacher for 6 years – all 3 jobs have been typical teacher workloads so I know the problem is the profession not the schools.

    Other Jobs include :
    Customer service – Waiter, Business Admin (for large UK based sports brand)
    Carer – for gentleman with additional needs

    I possess solid ICT skills particularly in analysing data on Excel.
    I would love a job on similar pay (around £30k) with no “homework” and a job that I could leave at the door whilst remaining professional and enthusiastic about my new path. I wouldn’t choose to work weekends but I would consider it. Any help/advise would be appreciated. :)

  2. liebkuchen44

    liebkuchen44 New commenter

    The Civil Service or local government education departments? Higher education admin (need business skills for some interesting posts)- try jobs.ac.uk for a trawl.
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  3. upforoz

    upforoz New commenter

    Thanks liebkuchen44! I've had a look at the civil service fleetingly. I'm not sure I'd know where to find local government education department jobs. Do you know where they might be advertised? The higher education admin jobs sound good so I'll be sure to check out those on jobs.ac.uk.
    Thanks again.
  4. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    Check the city council websites.

    I have seen such a wide variety of roles on there which might be of interest. To name a few: adult tutor, pastoral manager and HLTA. All of those have salaries around £30k in the ads. The HLTA post I have seen is for a salary of between £25k-£32k! I'm probably going to apply for that one myself lol

    Note: this is from a city council in The Midlands.
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  5. upforoz

    upforoz New commenter

    Ok Landofla. Sounds good! Good luck with the job application. I'll check out my local council's websites then.
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  6. Leebeez

    Leebeez New commenter

    Upforoz this might be a long shot, but have you considered working abroad?
    I have seen hundreds of teachers, just like you, gain valuable time to be with their family by moving to an international post. Many schools offer free accommodation, offer tax free salaries, free flights to the uk every year, international bupa etc. I have been able to spend so much quality time with my kids and teach whilst someone else is paying my mortgage back in the uk. Ok having a trailing spouse complicates the issue, but again I have seen hundreds of families make the move and succeed. There are currently 101 jobs in the tes you could apply for, you'd be surprised at some of the packages available for experienced teachers. Do your homework though, there are quite a few dodgy schools out there.
  7. MisterW

    MisterW New commenter

    Hi @upforoz

    You could start by considering other eduction related jobs that don't involve teaching: TA, private tutoring, administrative jobs in colleges or universities etc. You can search specifically for non-teaching jobs on TES. Find out if there are any education related businesses in your area (e.g. educational publishers, training providers) etc and send them an email. If you have strong Excel skills, some secondary schools appoint "data managers" who crunch the data and advise SLT, pay for these jobs can be reasonable too.

    You could also consider a whole new profession entirely (data analysis, accounting, social work?). The national careers site (Google it) has good profiles of a wide range of jobs and they can put you in touch with a careers advisor. Also, as one of your university's alumni you most likely will still be able to use their careers service so get in touch with them and make an appointment if you still live near by.

    I think you will struggle to walk straight in to another job at £30k, although it is possible. Most teachers who leave the profession end up taking a pay cut. Higher salaries are usually reserved for people who have specialist qualifications or years of experience in a particular field. I took a pay cut to leave teaching but it was worth it and slowly I might be able to climb back up to my former salary as I become more and more experienced in my new area of expertise.

    Have a search on Amazon too and there are a few books on there on the subject of leaving teaching which can give you some new career ideas.

    Good luck!
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  8. upforoz

    upforoz New commenter

    Thanks for the advice but that's not going to be an option for us. We lived in Australia for the best part of a year but the distance from family meant that we prefer living in the UK.
    Thanks anyway
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  9. upforoz

    upforoz New commenter

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  10. rachelfay

    rachelfay New commenter

    I own Little Learners which is a preschool franchise which teaches children how to mark make through messy play. I left teaching as a reception teacher and ended up creating the opportunity for others to run their own classes. We've got lots of teachers on board! If you would like any more info you can go to littlelearnersuk.com/join-our-team :)
  11. DYNAMO67

    DYNAMO67 Lead commenter

    look at the private sector for a wage of30k. I would ignore jobs in education.

    Be warned though, this job where you stroll in at nine and leave at 5 doesn't exist. At a decent wage level anyway you are talking about. Don't forget teaching has some benefits you won't get in jobs outside teaching. Holidays for one with the little one..
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  12. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    I stroll in at 8.30 and leave at 5 and earn more than I did as a teacher and that's after 23 years in the classroom...near enough 9 to 5. I don't get as many holidays but then again, most teachers don't anyway after their workload. Don't underestimate the relief at leaving (really leaving) work at 5. Industry generally pays more than teaching depending on your qualifications. Weigh up the guaranteed evenings and weekends over 'longer' holidays....plus holidays in term time cost a LOT less.
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  13. gmjsutcliffe

    gmjsutcliffe New commenter

    .... and what Splinters, can I ask, is it you do that allows you to stroll in at 8.30 and leave at 5 earning a nice wage? I also am looking to get out......
    I have a science (chemistry) background with a dozen years in industry, followed by 15 years teaching. Any job I've looked at would require me to take a paycut of about 10k!
  14. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    I design luxury Motorhome interiors (and soon to be exteriors). I started in June as a CAD technician on trial given my DT background, a month later moved into Furniture Design....last month became Head of Design. I have had three incremental pay rises and soon to be another with plans for profit related bonuses and a tax free company car. I never imagined in a million years this would be possible after almost a quarter of a century in the classroom but it proves there is life beyond the classroom even at 47.
  15. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    For the record, I had absolutely no experience of the motorhome/caravan/RV industry and, to be frank, no particular interest in that market either. However, its has been a fascinating journey so far with plenty of access to quite expensive training that will reinforce my teaching should I return to education.
  16. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

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  17. splinters

    splinters Established commenter

    Thanks, sorry if it all sounds boastful but its just what happened. I didn't even suggest the pay rises. One thing that is surprising is how your successes are rewarded unlike teaching where even incremental pay rises are no longer guaranteed.
  18. Mr_L

    Mr_L New commenter

    This is very inspiring splinters. I am head of DT in a secondary school with 21 years experience and a 3D design degree. I really would like to get out of the profession and funnily enough was only saying to my wife the other day I would love to be designing caravans or motor homes! My biggest problem is living in the south west. I don't want to relocate but there aren't many opportunities in this part of the world.

    If you don't mind me asking, how did the job come about?
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  19. ExplorePrimary

    ExplorePrimary New commenter

    I've joined a company that has come from the US that sells candles safe for children. You work the hours you like and just get out as much as you put in really. It probably won't be £30k and it might take you a while to build up to maybe £20k but the sky's the limit and there are people earning £100k+ (obviously very high up though). Message me if you want to chat about it. I'm full-time at the moment and doing this on the side with hope to go part-time and do this along the side - one of my colleagues has left her full-time NHS management job to do this full-time and gets around £26k. Just something to consider.
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  20. beccabecca

    beccabecca New commenter


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