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Leaving teaching after 1 year

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by hlt12395, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. hlt12395

    hlt12395 New commenter

    I started a full-time, permanent position in September and I've realised teaching really isn't for me. This is for many reasons but the main one is the fact that I have a health condition and I'm really struggling to manage it as well as teaching.

    Ideally, I want to do the year and finish in July but I'm so worried about leaving/ giving my notice in as the school comment on not wanting people to leave. I'm also worried that I'll struggle to get another job after leaving so soon.

    Any advice would be great!
  2. missteach2005

    missteach2005 New commenter

    Do it!

    Your health is far more important than any career!

    I’m 13 years in and now (again) at this crossroads as to leave or not. I want to bite the bullet before I’m 40, got 4 years.

    Do it now while you’re still young. Don’t get wrapped up in the whirlwind if your health is affected. It has affected mine a lot, including my mental health!
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  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    You need to leave teaching whenever the time is right for you.

    For some people it is after a few weeks.
    For some a year or two.
    For some 5-10 years.
    For some 20 years.
    For some as many as 40 years.

    There is no right or wrong time to leave. Take your time and think what you want to do once you leave and then take steps to make that happen. Once you have the next step all sorted, hand your notice in. (But give a clue to your head before then that you are applying for jobs outside teaching and so they may get a request for a reference.)
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  4. Chirpy1

    Chirpy1 New commenter

    Be careful what you tell the head about your illness. They may accidentally put it in a reference... Other than that go for it.
    pepper5 likes this.
  5. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Lead commenter

    Who cares? Well you shouldn't anyway.

    If the school doesn't want people to leave then they could make it a pleasant working environment (as far as possible).

    It does beg the question, "Is it teaching or just the school you want to leave?"
    I suspect not but be sure in your mind that a 'better' school and a better-managed condition won't make it all right.

    In any event you need to leave the current school so the posts above are all correct.
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  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you do decide to leave, please make sure that your resignation letter (submitted by 31st May2018 at the latest) gives 31st August 2018 as your finish date. If you put the last school date in July, as some teachers do, the school could decide not to pay you for you 6 weeks of holiday pay!
  7. drvs

    drvs Star commenter

    I read the thread title as "loving teaching after 1 year". Silly me.
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  8. TEA2111

    TEA2111 Established commenter

    hlt12395...have you made a decision what to do yet?

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