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leaving presents.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by deleted129, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. hiya, just looking for some inspiration on what to get class teacher as leaving present, got 2 that i need to but for (both female. Got my kids sorted but not the teachers! x
  2. hiya, just looking for some inspiration on what to get class teacher as leaving present, got 2 that i need to but for (both female. Got my kids sorted but not the teachers! x
  3. l was going to post the same question. Im having a hard time trying to decide what to buy for my mentor, she has been very helpful and really went out her way to protect me against bully collegues. I want something to show her how much l appreciate her help.
    Any ideas please?
  4. I always get them flowers delivered and maybe a peice of jewellery.
  5. Last year, my mentor and I would often talk about books we enjoyed. She once told me her all time favourite book was Jane Eyre, and she was such an amazing mentor that I got her a lovely old copy of Jane Eyre from Ebay. It was illustrated and everything. She loved it. :)
  6. -shopaholic-

    -shopaholic- New commenter

    I got my mentor a brooch and she loved it. With a brooch you don't have to worry about stuff like ring size, pierced ears..etc.

    Other things I got for teachers I worked with - bracelet, book, alarm clock (she was complaining one day that she didn't have one!).

    pleugh - your gift sounds so thoughtful! What a lovely idea.
  7. Thank you all, flowers and jewellery it will be.
  8. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    The most important thing I want from any trainees that I mentor is a nice thank you card, preferably one where you write a personal message in. A gift is nice, but not necessary (I'm easily pleased with a box of chocs!).

    One of our trainees 4 years ago bought the staffroom 20 teaspoons as we never had any (they have since all vanished, don't know where to though!)
  9. I would be horrified if a trainee spent precious money on me. As Trinity suggested a personal message in a card would be lovely.
  10. i bought some lovely m&s chocs for one teacher whos been really helpful and i bought my class teacher a huge mug with sachets of 'special' hot choc in and marshmallows and a little box of chocs and i bought a TA who has been lovely just a little thing from lush. i spent as much as i could afford really and know they wont expect anything x
  11. You can't go wrong with cheap and cheerful bits and pieces from Lush.
  12. I got my mentor a card and bottle of wine, and a book for his children in the subject area we teach. As he was quite private but obv so fond of his children this seemed the most personal caring thing to get. He was really touched (he said!). Prob total cost of £15.

    Hmm, makes me want to a mentor...
  13. What about the pupils? l have this lovely year class, l had most of my observed lessons with them. There are general not well behaved, but they always behaved during observed lesson because they didnt want me to fail, they said. Its a small class of 10 boys.

    Any ideas please.
  14. I was really stingy and got a cheap box of chocs. 2 of my really helpful teachers got a bottle of wine. I did cards for all of them with individual message inside thanking them. The kids will be happy with absolutely anything and I wouldn't spend a lot as I don't think its necessary. Sweets are always popular.
  15. Thank you Cheese.
  16. I got my mentor a bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple of boxes of choccies for the staff room. Both went down well!

    I would say you cant go wrong with wine/choccies and a card tho.
  17. Reading all these is really interesting. I'm nearing the end of my final placement and have never felt so supported anywhere. I think i have the gifts for the head and my class teacher sorted (both female and immensely helpful) But my mentor is a male and I have no idea what to get him. I'm trying to avoid alcohol (as certain members of staff don't drink) but am at a loss.

    Thank you in advance

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