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Leaving -need to have a rant really!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by phlogiston, May 15, 2011.

  1. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Try to chill. Your head is unlikely to have the capability to poison the authority about you. My experience is that heads have a pretty shrewd idea of the true nature of what goes on in other schools.
    Supply may be a good way for dipping the toes in the water, but the paper work for things like CRBs needs to be done sensibly in advance. One person I know who wanted to do supply in similar circumstances to you found that the outsourced personnel department shut down for the summer holidays and took months to organise the paperwork so supply could be legally done elsewhere. Agencies may be quicker, but take a bigger cut of your earnings.
    Supply can also be useful for networking and finding out where you would really like to work.
    Best wishes,
  2. breadmaker

    breadmaker New commenter

    Hope it all works out for you and you get another job.
    I asssume you are aware that if you have even a one day gap between finishing your current contract and starting a new one, this counts as a break in service and you lose all the time you have previously accrued.
    I don't want to frighten you or stress you out, but when I was considering a similar option myself and thought I would plan to have a half-term break to get my self fully rested etc. before starting new job, I was shocked to find out that by doing this, I would have lost my 15 years of continuous service so if new job had ended in redundancy, my pay off would only have been based on how long I had been in that new job and not how long I had been a teacher.
    Make sure you are fully armed with ALL relevant facts- from your union- so that you can make informed decisions and plan to do whatt is best for you in the ,ong run.
  3. Hi
    I have been in a similar position myself and let me just say that when you have had a rest and you are away from the negative stressors your confidence comes back in leaps and bounds. when you are looking for other jobs you automatically just focus on all the good things that you have done and can do which improves confidence further. You will be fine once you are out of there!
  4. I just wanted to thank the new posters for their comments and advice. I have had a better couple of days in class and my kids have been working fantastically, which has made me feel better and not doubt myself so much! I have seen the real progress they have made and it has helped.
    There have also been a glut of jobs advertised in my authority and I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and go for them. I went on some visits today and one of the heads knew of me for some work I'd done for the authority and also nodded knowingly when I told her where I worked. Turned out her current SENCO used to work for my head! I know it means nothing and will most likely not result in anything but it made me feel a bit more confident that my HT is known at least.
    Thank you all for listening.

  5. veritytrue

    veritytrue New commenter

    Claim constructive dismissal.
  6. Sorry if I make any mistakes as am on my phone! Thanks everyone for your comments. Things are ok at the moment, just horrendously busy!
    The good news is that I have secured two job interviews this week- one part time at a fabulous school much closer to home!
    I obviously cant be that bad- one had over a hundred applicants! Even being shortlisted has given me a little confidence boost.
  7. So pleased for you :) Well done and best wishes!
  8. i worked in a school for 4 years, starting as an nqt, the deputy who then became head, hated me, made my life hell.towards the end before i resigned i felt like the worst teacher ever. the workload was horrendous, my face didnt fit and the cliques were getting worse. i bit the bullet and let, contemplating leaving teaching. i then got a job in the sept for a years maternity cover so took it with a view to the fact that it was only a year. it ended up being amazing and i loved the school, they loved me and i was told what a good teacher i was, which was amazing to hear after i had always been pulled up on what a failing teacher i was. i then applied for a job at that school and have been there ever since. my life has been so much better since, i am a better person and my work life balance is so much better. so i would say, well done on quitting the hideous school and look forward to a future at a school where you are appreciated!!

  9. Just to let you all know that I was offered a new job today! The school is everything I could wish for in my favourite year group! Can't wait to embrace this new challenge and move on. Feel so free and like a giant weight has been lifted. Happy half term all !

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