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Leaving mid year

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by langywangy, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. langywangy

    langywangy New commenter

    I have just started a job after Christmas in a lovely little school. However, completely out of the blue another school has offered me a permanent post after easter. I did supply in this school before the Christmas holidays and really liked it and there would also be a lot more opportunities for progression.

    The school I'm at, at the moment is a temporary contract but I don't know if they expected me to stay after the summer. This class would have therefore had 3 teachers in one year and I can't help but feel really really guilty for leaving at Easter when I agreed to stay until at least the summer. Is it bad that I may be leaving under these circumstances???

  2. langywangy

    langywangy New commenter

    Just realised I've posted in forum! I'm not an NQT!
  3. You are clearly a dedicated teacher - but you have to think of the long game as well as the short term effects on pupils. Yes there teachers in a year is not ideal - but what about the kids who will have you as their permanent teacher after easter? They deserve stability as well. You also have to think about your own situation and a teacher who is stable, employed and permanent is more likely to deliver high quality lesasons than a teacher who is always seeking other posts and off on interviews and ready to leave or not knowing if they still have a job.

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