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leaving gifts for kids

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Joannespencer, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. What does everyone give their kids for leaving pressies at the end of term. Mine are leaving to go to the junior school so it's a big move for them. I'm an NQT and haven't done this before so would appreciatre any ideas - small budget obviously!
  2. What does everyone give their kids for leaving pressies at the end of term. Mine are leaving to go to the junior school so it's a big move for them. I'm an NQT and haven't done this before so would appreciatre any ideas - small budget obviously!
  3. certificate each... pencil, rubber and notebook.. you can get packs of these from pound land! Its the only way to afford it..
  4. teamadmiral

    teamadmiral New commenter

    I asked the same question a few weeks ago. One of the suggestions was fridge magnets/keyrings - you can buy blank ones on ebay quite cheaply then put a picture of each child in it. I used photos from our school trip (made sure I had one of each kid) and wrote the class and year over the top (did it in Word). It looked great and the kids were so appreciative, it was great!
  5. I'm very lucky and only have a small class, so I've bought some book sets from The Book People. Some sets work out at less than £1 per book (mine were 89p each for the Corgi Pups books) and it's something nice for the children to keep.

    Asda are selling bags of 20 Swizzels Matlow lollipops for 60p a bag - bargain! So a lollipop and a book each for me.

  6. Last year I had bought book sets from The Book People and gave each child a book I thought they'd enjoy and a fun-size Mars/Twix etc. The books worked out at about 70p each so not too much!

    If you have an 'In Store' near you they sell stuff at VERY reasonable prices (just have to wade through the cheap tatt to find it!)

  7. I really like the idea of the fridge magnets - my class are splitting up into three separate classes next year, so i think i'll get a whole class picture to remember their final year as L5 and put it in the keyrings!
  8. I have done the whole class photo keyring thing this year, and have written a personal message to each child on the back - something related to something they have worked hard at this year eg I am so proud that you...
  9. chloejewel

    chloejewel New commenter

    I've got mine...

    pencil case (31p)
    fountain pen (40p)
    coloured pencils (16p)
    scented rubber (9p)
    mechanical pencil (15p)

    and have some left over lollies and flumps to hand out as well if I feel like it!
  10. after the day i've had with mine they'll be lucky to get a smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    Try the craftpacks website
    (can't remember the exact address but just google it) loads of bits and bobs from 20p.Someone else posted it -so thanks to them.
  12. I printed and personalised the bookmarks on ********** and laminated them. Then I took a photo of the class, reduced it to fit 9 on an A4 page, printed but the year group and date and then laminated. So they'll have one of those each, plus a pen and some sweets. Cost me £2 for the pens and £2 for the sweets, the rest was free as I printed at school and laminated too. Bought the girls a pretty flowered party bag to put them in and wrapped the boys' in wrapping paper covered in marvel super heroes and villains (£1 for 2 sheets and I had enough with one pack for 13 boys).
  13. I make mine a DVD of photos taken throughout the year of all the events, trips etc - set to music. It works out at less than a pound per child for blank DVDs and proper cases.
  14. jlo

    jlo New commenter

    I give my Year 6 one of those maths sets. It looks grown up!!
    Just over a pound from Partners/Ryman and come in pink, purple, blue and green.
  15. Mrs_P how do you add music to the DVD?
  16. miss_teri I use Photostory3 - its a Microsoft program whcih you can download. On it you can add music you already have on file or design your own backing music. Its really easy to use.
  17. mrs p i am doing the same thing for my children but have just been on another thread and someone has warned that due to child protections issues there could be problems sending out photos of other children out ... do you know if this is right? am an nqt and woulndt like to cause a load of trouble by giving out a collection of photos!
  18. cheerychick our parents sign a declaration form to say its ok. You would need to check with your Head what the policy form your school is. Hope this helps!
  19. ahh thanks for that! will check on monday then ... hopefully it will be ok as it would make a nice present!
  20. Just downloaded photo story 3 and OMG it's fab! Welled up when I saw my tester of work do photos. As I'm leaving think it might be a nice present. Fab!!!

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