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Leaving DIDA for GCSE 2010

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by DEmsley, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    For the *whole* cohort?
  2. Hi
    The CAB for the GCSE is a lot of work. Expect to spend the entire 40 hours to complete it. The Controlled Assessment is 60% of the GCSE but feels like a lot more than a whole DiDA unit. Then there is still theory to learn (40%).
    Generally it is good course which feels a lot more up to date. However, it is a huge step up in terms of standards and learning. The CAB takes a lot of teacher time to prepare, get the standards right, collect the evidence and give feedback to students.
    Good luck!
  3. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I would have to ask given less credibility by who? In terms of VA and points they are equally judged (for the moment anyway).
    Can not see the point in moving to anything yet until the full impact of Wolfe and all the courses have shaken up - personally if I had to leap onto a course then Computing seems a better choice as this may become part of the Ebac!
    If however computing is not for your kids due to ability then why switch from Dida which may be easier for some!
  4. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Tony i couldnt agree more. However the reality im afraid is that colleges in our area too (North west) are now taking the following view:
    A double GCSE vocational course will only be counted as a single award. Some are even reducing what they are worth further by saying an A grade double CiDA for example is worth equivalant of a B grade. Wrong i know but it has put us in the same position as the original poster and we are moving three quarters of our opted kids onto the new GCSE next year which im not looking forward to.

    The colleges, without coming out and saying so, publicly think that ICT vocational courses that are worth multiple GCSE's arent worth their value at all and think far too much teacher input aids kids to get the GCSE's.
  5. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    Hum an interesting one for you people then - would like to see a challenge in court to it if a child does not get in due to not having enough GCSE's as I feel they may be on a dodgy one there.
    Personally we ar edoing the Natioals and do not go for multiple GCSE's but a single but then again we do have a sixth form of our own so not such a problem.
    Would be interested to know what these colleges make of a 7 GCSE Diploma in Hair and Beauty in which case lol!
    All the vocationals seem to be up for redevelopment and I would imagine from rumours that an examined element will be introduced to bring in the rigour - then the colleges can not argue!
  6. Thanks for the comments.
    In answer to the questions - the whole cohort is 150+ students who all do ICT as a core course.
    There are options groups in addition to this who historically have done more than the AIDA course and managed to do 2; 3, or even the full 4 DIDA course.
    We dont have a 6th form so our pupils leave after GCSE and its our local colleges (very much like dangermouse_2007 said) that dont give DIDA credit for being more than one GCSE. I just dont want our pupils to be sold short!
    How many hours of teaching do people feel is needed outside of the 40 hour CAB for theory and prep for the CAB itself?
  7. The issue for me is equivalence. The Vocational ICT Courses are not treated by so many Colleges as being of Value (Yes, I ask all of our Colleges in my LA and Beyond).
  8. dangermouse_2007

    dangermouse_2007 New commenter

    Cube 359,

    Il PM you my email address, seems like we are both in ver similar positions!!!

    Im sure we can share ideas here as im in the middle of planning next year
  9. It would be good to share ideas and planning, especially as we only have 1.5 hours a week for Core ICT kids and 2.5 hours for option kids...methinks it might be a tall order for the GCSE and Double award.
    Anyone else out there doing something similar, with some ideas about how to plan it all?


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