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Leaving current job for supply?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by waistnot, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I am considering leaving my long term (11 years) post, which is a fair commute, and instead signing up to a local supply agency in order to have more time to pursue alternative career avenues and training.
    I did supply some years ago and always had work but I am worried about the impact of CS/recession on my chances - I would be in West Yorks...
    Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom?
  2. I am considering leaving my long term (11 years) post, which is a fair commute, and instead signing up to a local supply agency in order to have more time to pursue alternative career avenues and training.
    I did supply some years ago and always had work but I am worried about the impact of CS/recession on my chances - I would be in West Yorks...
    Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom?
  3. The now endemic use of all manner of UNQUALIFIED staff as cover "teachers" which is totally unacceptable, hypocritical and devaluing of the entire profession means that there is very little employment for fully registered, qualified and experienced teachers!
    Some dimwit, corrupted headteachers are using inhouse salaried TAs, CSs etc etc as vcover "teachers" and even boasting about how much money they are saving?
    What with now armies of TAs, CSs, LSAs etc especially in secondary schools thestaff salary bill must be pretty high.
  4. Quietgenius has given us many pearls of wisdom over the supply teaching situation and I'm very surprised in the last 11 years of having a permanent contract you have not bothered to sieve through the numerous comments, insights and observations given by him/her and others in the SUPPLY FORA...do so now and be most unpleasantly surprised; even savour the desperation of some colleagues!
  5. I'd be very wary of giving up permanent work for supply work. It is so hard to make a living from supply these days.
    I'd suggest looking for part time roles or a post nearer home, so that you have some guarantee of income.
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I also would caution against giving up a permanent job for the insecurity & sparsity of supply in the current climate - <u>unless</u> you need some time out & can afford to manage without a regular income.
  7. One thing is absolutely certain. Supply teaching is in its death throes with no guarantees whatsoever!
  8. Supply doesn't exist anymore. You won't make a living out of it, thats for sure.
  9. If you leave a current perm job in the present climate, you may be voluntarily giving up teaching altogether.
    Whatever your experience of supply in the past is history (saild with respect). In the secondary game with next to nothing day to day, you do not get the chance to demonstrate your skills anymore. In the old days a school would book a supply in for a day and see how it goes then offer more if you were any good.
    The secondary supply market is just being available for long term bookings, and the schools have a lot of CV.s to choose from our agencies touting for business. Also long term supply is same job as full on teacher for less money and no goodies. (Unless you are with an LEA supply pool)
    Area and subject specialism may improve chances however I would not bank on it.
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've had 2 days and 3 hours of supply work, on LA teacher rates since Ist Sept 2010!
    In the 2009/10 school year, I managed 32 days.
    In 2008/9 I didn't actually tally up my bookings as I had enough work. I was f/t, ondaily supply, for the majority of 2007.
    I am suddenly no longer a taxpayer so the charities that get giftaided donations from me will no longer be able to claim back my basic rate tax.
    My LA agency is quite open now that short-term supply work is now only paid at Cover Supervisor rates. The 3 bookings I've had have been very last minute and were originally offered as CS work, which I turned down. They had used up all their supply CS and tried to persuade me to 'help them out'. They then contacted the school and said I'd be on my way if they paid me on M6 of the teachers payscale.
    I'm in the North West.
    I'm hoping that I'll get more work now that the English 'Bac' league table is being adopted ad MFL is getting a higher profile. If nothing materialises soon, I'm looking for other work as I'm fed up of setting the alarm clock and getting almost ready and then receiving no call (and going back to bed!)
    If the commute you have is the problem, can you move closer? Otherwise, I'd suggest applying for jobs nearer your home. You're more likely to be considered whilst still in post. All supply teachers end up having to justify why they haven't had a 'proper' job (shades of the pupils not regarding us as proper teachers).

  11. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I voluntarily left a full-time post with a TLR for Supply twelve months ago. I've worked an average of 3 days week, with 2 of those days (on average) being paid to scale. Pay rates vary hugely. I've had to accept CS work, which at best pays less than half of my scale salary, and some schools are already cutting their CS rates. My estimated income for a full year's supply work is half of my basic full time income without the TLR. My pension contributions have dwindled to almost nothing.

    Today I worked at a school that paid me to scale until October and has now dropped to Agency flat rate - that's a 29% pay cut.

    There are many people on this forum who would say I've done extremely well, and I don't disagree with them. Being paid to scale is the exception these days, not the rule, and it's fading fast. Every day I'm reading horror stories on this forum.

    By all means attempt supply, but rest assured you will have plenty of spare time for pursuing alternative career avenues, so I'd make the most of them!
  12. It's all "haves and have-nots" now and teacher colleagues on permanent contracts could not give a hoot about their (many with better qualifications) long suffering supply teacher colleagues! [​IMG]

  13. Thank you for all your replies - I really appreciate the concern that you have shown for a colleague you don't even know [​IMG]...sadly it is situations such as some of yours that make me even more sure that I want to leave teaching! We all deserve to be treated with so much more respect for the training and experience that we have and Mr Gove et al need to realise this!
    Having done some more planning I have come to the conclusion that I really won't need to do that much supply at all - if any, so I have taken the plunge and decided to quit - and now that I have made the decision I feel great, so I am sure that it is the right decision!
    Maybe in a few years we will finally have people 'in charge' who respect the work of teachers and let them do their jobs for fair pay and condiditons...(wishful thinking!?)
    Thanks again for your responses
    x x
  14. All the best and keep well!
    At least you won't be in an anxiety state waiting for that am call (mostly not that early sometimes as late as 0830h intentionally) so it's all one mad rush to get to the school on time!
    What a stressful and cruel way to live? but ...?
  15. stunica

    stunica New commenter

    Glad to see you have followed your instincts and feel happier. Some words of consolation. If you are anywhere near Leeds/ Wakefield/Bradford I have found that there is quite a bit of work around. I have been on supply since Sept 09 . After a slow start, I have worked continuously since last January on short and longer term placements earning a good and regular income. This could depend on your subject, however.
    Good luck !
  16. This is EXACTLY where I am! Good news! Thanks [​IMG]
  17. Eek - that's where I am and it's not my experience at all. Do you have any agent recommendations?
    I'm struggling to get enough work to pay the bills.
  18. I would hold tight. If you have a job, even if it may be horrible, stay put. Things are only going to get worse. The CS virus will contaminate your LEA as it becomes more acceptable. If you do jump into supply, you will be moaning about being skint soon enough. I will also say "told you so" as I am a ***.
  19. Lovely idea in 2006 but not in this climate. Do you have a time machine?

  20. What are you going to do Waistnot? What have you done?

    You are free now!

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