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Leaving and best work options?

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by handsolo, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. handsolo

    handsolo New commenter

    Dear Theo, just a quick request for work ideas and advice, after deciding to leave teaching - my circumstances as follows:

    I've been teaching for four years and this is my fifth. If I was to remain in teaching my next step would be HoD, which appeals to an extent but I'm certain I do not want to progress into SLT roles. Furthermore the pressure is not for me and I've been wanting to move into Environmental Management for a while (before I went into teaching in fact). Despite the desire to move into Environmental Management, which will require further study to gain a MSc part-time for 2 years, I teach media at GCSE and Sixth-Form with a bit of IT. I'm looking to leave at Easter, since this will give me enough time to get settled in the job before studies start in Sept. I teach media because I studied it for my degree and IT due to my work experience; before training to be a teacher I worked as an Office and Facilities manager.

    With this past office experience (3 years) I assume it would not be too difficult to find work at Easter in admin/office or facilities management, ideally in a company with an environmental interest, which I can do alongside the MSc studies in September. Alternatively I could work in supply teaching. I'm based in London and before being a full media teacher I was half English teacher too, for my first two years.

    Thoughts? Is admin work viable? Supply teaching? EFL a possibility (I have taught EFL on Summer school basis)? Is leaving at Easter a good idea? Will there even be supply work then? I've not looked into it properly, but I thought if you were leaving for another job besides teaching, you would not get paid for August if I was to see the year out anyway - is that correct?

    I have numerous contacts that I am talking to to try and get work in something more within the green sector, to do alongside the MSc, but wanted a perspective from you and fellow teachers, who are not in my school of course!


  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    So many questions! But at least you have the confidence to take a decision.

    Q1 In most places, yes. But less well paid than teaching, of course.

    Q2 There will not be much call for Media supply teaching, in my view.

    Q3 Yes, but only if you have an EFL qualification. But concentrated in areas where there is an EFL population. Or in the holidays, as you know, when they bring in swarms of EU teenagers.

    Q4 For whom? If there is a job available, yes It's good for you.

    Q5 No, that is incorrect. You would be employed and paid until 31 August, with your last day of attendance being the last day of term. If the following day you then start another job, getting double pay over the summer, lucky you!

    Just make sure that the Taxman knows about it.


    Best wishes for 2016

  3. handsolo

    handsolo New commenter

    Many thanks Theo. Should I repost this on another board to gain feedback from the community?

  4. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

  5. handsolo

    handsolo New commenter

    Hi Monicabilongame and thanks!

    I have not seen the Greenjobs website before, but this is very much what I am looking to go into.

    I am not interested in Environmental Health, rather environmental management/consultancy.

    What is your background, so that you can offer such advice on a teachers forum please?

    Thanks and happy new year!


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