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Leaving a union

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by anon2404, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. I am considering leaving my union and joining another teaching union but see there's something about needing to pay the whole year's subscription, if you resign from the union and do not pay the calender year's subscription 'it will be on your record.' What does this actually mean? You have to pay the rest before you can rejoin the union?
  2. When I left my union I just cancelled the direct debit.
    I haven't joined another in its place, though.
  3. LauraHester

    LauraHester New commenter

    When I left the union I just called them, told them that I wanted to leave because there wasn't a rep at mu school and they then cancelled my membership. I didn't have to pay anything extra.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You can be in more than one Union at a time.
    If you pay the annual fee up-front, they will not tend to offer a refund if you want to leave before the end of the contributory year.
    If you pay by monthly Direct debit, it might be ewasier to leave the Union mid year and have no more to pay.
    There can also be issues over whether you are retrospectively covered for the membership year if you quit mid-year and something contentious crops up about work (allegations etc).
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've just remembered that this is what I was told by the subscription office of the NUT when I wanted to leave that Union last year BUT it applies only to those, like me, who pay a reduced subscription becasue we don't work f/t. I was paying a 0.3 subscription.
  6. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    In my union (ATL), this makes no difference to your liability; you are liable for the whole year's fees however you pay. I suspect that this is the same for other unions as it is a standard clause in many arrangements that allow you to pay monthly. Whether your union would chase you for it is another matter; especially if you are leaving becuase you think they have let you down in some way.
    I believe that the NUT is giving free initial membership so you wouldn't have to pay twice if you joined them. Can anybody confirm if this is correct?
  7. I believe they have an offer at the moment which means you don't pay anything until 2012. A colleague has just joined and they said that they have a LOT of people joining at the moment....
  8. Mine is the NASUWT. I want to join the strike action on Thursday and feel that as I don't have a rep at my school and there are only a few of us in the union it might be better to join the one with the most members. BUT I don't want to put myself in a vunerable postition if there should be contentious issues, and I'm not covered because I left my current union partway through the year...there are only four weeks left of the academic year however...decisons decisions.
  9. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Is there a rule that you can't be a member of two unions at the same time? If not, you could join the NUT for nothing and leave NASUWT at the end of the school year. It's worth knowing; I suspect that there are a lot of people in your position. You could check with the NUT.
  10. Good idea! I will do that. Thanks
  11. Both NUT and NASUWT offer free memberships for the time being -The NASUWT is offering FREE membership for the remainder of 2011 for any new member who agrees at the point of joining to pay their 2012 subscriptions by direct debit. I think NUT and ATL offer the same.
    What you state about "being on your record" is inaccurate.

  12. are you aware you need to be a member of union for 90 days before they will provide support, if things go pear-shaped? "Saving" a few quid a month is little comfort if you find yourself isolated and all alone in dire circumstances.
    Will you forgo any benefits negotiated by unions on behalf of their members?
  13. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Does this apply to people who transfer from one union to another, or do you have to be a member of two at the same time for 90 days?
  14. It was taken from their website and I quoted it word for word.

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