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Leaving a the NUT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by trinity0097, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I'd just ring them up and cancel, far easier!
  2. Hi

    I've just left the NUT also, i cancelled my direct debit and within two days the NUT sent me a letter with a questionaire to send back ....pretty easy really thought it would be more hassle than it was.

  3. Can I ask who you've joined instead because I am going to leave the NUT too but am indecisive as to who else to go with!
  4. Why is everyone leaving the NUT?
  5. Freeze!

    Freeze! New commenter

    NUT are the union that the other unions follow timidly behind in my opinion... waste of money joining any other union.
  6. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Betty, if you do leave the NUT, make sure you've decided which union you are going to join instead so that you can go straight from one to another.

    I'm in the ATL and am very happy with them, but reckon that being in any union is better than not being in one at all.
  7. Freeze!

    Freeze! New commenter

    Agree being in one is better than not being in one at all, but I think that if you are in a union you should be prepared to stand with the majority. :S
  8. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    I believe that you should join the union that most represents your beliefs - but when you do join a union, you should accept collective responsibility, and abide by union decisions (or change unions!)
  9. Don't forget that your membership is on an annual basis and you pay your subscription on an annual basis. ie you are committed for the full year's sub and your resignation , no matter when offered, is not effective until 31st Dec.

    All TUC affiliated unions abide to this.

  10. I am appalled at the strong arm tactics inferred by the previous person as I thought I lived in a free country and was able to resign effectively from from any voluntary organisation at any point in time; I do not expect money back but I do expect freedom of choice.
    As a NUT member, I have supported the majority decision within my school to go on strike although this is not my personal view on how the matter should be resolved. Consequently, I will be leaving the NUT and joining a union that more fairly represents my views.
    Similar oppressive tactics were used by the NUT to persuade their members to vote in accordance with their wishes. The NUT wasted subscription contributions by calling me (a full time working teacher) at home during the school day on numerous occasions.
  11. missgeo

    missgeo New commenter

    Sorry to bump.

    Does this mean if I leave and pay my subscriptions monthly, I'll still have pay my subscriptions for the rest of the year.

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